Music Warms the Heart


I never understood why my parents had such a passion for me to play the violin. As a child, I wanted to run and play in the mud, not spend hours inside slaving over the old piece of wood. I guess understanding is not everything, because here I am, 12 years later, playing it still. Although I still dislike practicing, I have learned a great deal about the importance of music.
Recently, I started to play for my church on Sunday mornings. Sometimes my fingers slip and I make mistakes, but the gratitude I have recieved for being a part of the music brings me be back to the stage from week to week. Years of youth symphonies and private lessons have not prepared me for the feeling of knowing I have touched someone’s soul. You see, the ambition of an inspired musician is to be the only one in the spotlight, the one receiving the applause, the one with the glory. Instead, I have found myself working to bless others with what talent I have. Now, I do not dream to be in the London Symphony-now, I plan to play at nursing homes and for weddings.
It doesn’t hurt to dream big or to set high goals. I still think from time to time about playing college league soccer or (ha ha), getting straight A’s in school. What is more important though, is to be happy with the circumstances God puts before you and to do the best you can. If you get the notion to do something you thought you might never do, go for it.

This world could use a few more humbled achievers.

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