Taken for Granted

Being Taken for Granted….in my words

Taking someone for granted means not cherishing the things someone does for you…it means expecting everything from someone and not giving the same in return…it means never being satisfied with what one has and what one is offered and constantly wanting ‘something else’…it means not appreciating a person for who they are…it means wanting them to be someone else…and unfortunately, more often than not, people don’t even realize when they are taking something for granted…at least not until its too late.

A person is who they are regardless of what you want them to be and if you truly care for someone, then you are satisfied with everything about them…the good and the bad…you cannot make a person someone they aren’t. Some people, admittedly, can be molded and changed into something else more desirable to their ‘inventor’. These people, sadly enough, will eventually become the most unhappy and remorseful people for allowing themselves to be changed into someone they truly are not. However, there are some people that are going to be themselves no matter what and they will not allow themselves to be molded to another’s ideals and desires unless it pleases them. So call these people stubborn and call them too independent….it doesn’t matter….what matters is that they know what they want and they are not going to conform and succumb to what anyone else expects from them unless it is something they want as well. These people will do what makes them happy and that is what is important…they realize that by living up to standards that are not their own, nothing true will be accomplished and doing so is stupid and pointless.

In today’s world, being stubborn (on occasion, of course!!) and being independent are almost necessity. It’s not such a bad idea to be capable of taking care of one’s own responsibilities. Honestly, how much can you really depend on that one person to always be around when you need them? Of course you have to trust people, but how often have we seen people disappoint and hurt others, even if done unintentionally? So wouldn’t it be nice to know that you don’t HAVE to have someone else? I mean, sure it’s wonderful to have someone, and to be wanted, and to feel needed and loved, but it’s not so great to HAVE to have someone. There is a big difference in depending on someone and being dependent on someone for everything.

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  1. i think you have said that really well. im deff. with you on that whole dependant thing. i think that now a day people are going going out wth people bcuz they like the “idea” of having someone do all those sweet things. but really, you dont “need” someone. yeah it is nice to have that special someone to do all those sweet things for you. but just ask yourself, “do i really like this person for who they are?, or am i just in love with the things they do for me?” if you ask me i think that peole are just blind. its kind of like that saying “they hear the words but they arent listening to them”

  2. I too agree that your summary is really true, but do you think that sometimes that the independent people are the ones that sometimes take people for granted and end up hurting them?

  3. so very true….when people take others for granted it truly shows how selfish they really are…the one being taken for granted most often catches on and then completely closes off the willingness to help…more often than not it is children using parents for favors but not returning them…..when the parent needs them……….only in death, do they feel remorse

  4. I am shocked at the level of superficiality and ignorance I found in this strand of posts. If you really believe this strongly in your “independence” you will perhaps find yourself in a very lonely world protecting your “stuff” from people like you.

    I never want to take the people I love for granted and prefer to think of my friends and family as interdependent. Think of it like a bee hive, an ant hill or any working unit in nature. If you truly believe people don’t really need to connect and need each other then what you are saying to me is that you don’t need others and that living below the baseline of happiness is better than rising up. Sad to say it is just immature talk.

  5. One more thing, “In today’s world” is sort of silly I think. Do you really believe “todays world” is that different from “yesterdays”?

  6. I would first like to make a few comments on the string of comments before me. To say we “don’t have to have someone” are the words of someone who has at some point given their all to someone else and has felt badly mistreated, deeply hurt and does not want to go through that again. Kind of like, once you put your hand on the fire and got burned, you kinda don’t want to do that again!

    People do take each other for granted and we actually do need each other in very intimate ways, but I would suggest that rather than withdraw from pain realize that life is a “RISK” and without some pain and suffering, how can we really grow…so maybe when we say someone has taken us for granted, we should look at ourselves and take the lesson well, to be sure that we do not take someone else for granted.

    Really the whole thing is about perception..we somehow as humans beings are all the same, and yet our perceptions are different, I would guess because we have all experienced things a little differently. The bottom line is, maybe we just need to change how we feel, love ourselves, be honest with ourselves then the world I am sure would not be taken for granted!

  7. When it comes to independence, it could be the person has gotten so use to taking care of themselves and others around, and in turn, the significant other takes you for granted. Its not that you don’t need someone, but when it comes to the trust of the other person to be there for you for once, they are late or don’t put an effort to your need taking for granted that you are ok and will do it yourself because that’s who you are. Where’s the balance in being independent and finding someone like you to put someone elses needs in front of yours from time to time?

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