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This is the new version of Jason1365.com. I have recently converted the entire site from ASP to PHP and bought a Linux host. Now I have plenty of extra server space (1 GB) and lots of bandwidth (20 GB). I have many more options availble to me to play with as well. I am very excited about this new switch. It does cost me a little more, before I was paying $6.50/mo and now I am paying $9.95/mo. Let me know what you think of the new site, feel free to as questions and such. There will be a feature added where you can post comments and such in the future. Thanks for your support. Jason Lund

Welcome to the new site. You may be saying to yourself, NOTHING HAS CHANGED. But in reality a fair amount has changed. If nothing else, look at the url now, you are going to see any more ASP endings, only PHP.
I have grown to like PHP much better than ASP form programming websites. So much more versitale, Open-Source, and much faster. I am no longer using a MS Access database to store information either. I have moved to MySQL, also Open-Source. I hope that you notice at least a little better performance in the speed the pages are generated.
I have also put together some pretty nice scirpts and such in PHP as well. Soon enough in the Resources Section there will be plenty of souce code. I plan to put up the entire ASP version of my website, along with my other programming projects I have worked on. This site will also become Open-Source. Each and every page will be open to the public for educational purposes.
I have implemented a BLOG feature on this site as well (for me of course). I hope to be getting a blog entry in at least every other day if not every day. I will soon start the mailing list my site was origionally intended to serve.
All in all the site is moving to be filled with more content and features. I hope that by the end of the summer, that I will have added much more content.
Don’t expect a new look anytime soon. New looks take time. Unless you give me some fantastic template or really good ideas it will stay the same for a good while.

Have fun on your journey through Jason1365.com

~Jason Lund

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