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So here is the first blog. Little updates as to what is happening. I guess I just write about today or something. Today I went to work as usual and did pretty much nothing as usual. Govt jobs pay you to do nothing, it really sux. So after a lot of doing nothing, I went to a meeting with UVA ECE dept about the website I am reworking for them. Went back to work after that, came home, went for a run, ate some food, and now I am here programming. I have come to the conclusion my boss doesn’t like me. Whenever I propose a good idea that works, he has to look into EVERY possible other way of doing it. And then I have to prove to him and that all of his ideas are wrong and dumb and that there was nothing wrong with mine in the first place. I guess he doesn’t like to know that a 20 year old kid is smarter than the 45 year old guy he is; I don’t know. Shower and then to bed. FACE

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