A day of Vacation

So, I took today off from work. Pretty nice, slept in until around 9AM. Then I did the usual morning stuff; shower, shave, brush, and the like. Packed up the laptop burning everything I needed for web development and testing onto a cd, then went over to Jennifer’s apt. Breakfast was some pancakes and potatoes cooked by Jennifer. So no fat or calores and they weren’t that bad, even with sugarless syrup. The ride to Kings Dominion consisted of me setting up web and DB server on the laptop and updating my site a little. At Kings Dominion, we were able to ride every Roller Coster there which was pretty cool. The new one was about 10second long and 40 min wait. But was pretty cool 0-70 mph in 2 seconds I think, pretty fun start. Me and Jennifer played around on the rest of the rides, did the food thing and then back home. Goodnight.

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