Running a little behind

So, I haven’t put up a Blog in a few days. Well this weekend wasn’t bad at all, my parents and grandparents came up on Saturday. That was a fair amout of fun, I gave them a tour of the University and Charlottesville. All day tour, of the Rotunda, Lawn, E-School, the Corner, and the Downtown Mall finished up with dinner at Star Hill. It was a fun time. Sunday was relaxing. I took it easy, and my first meal in this great slow-cooker (crock-pot). Yea I feel like I’m an old fogie cooking in this thing. But the food turned out not too bad, and lasted until today. Plus just cut it on and come back in 8 hours and it is done, not too hard to do. I guess when you get old you have to keep things simple, so the slow-cooker is the way too go. Plus you can’t move around to fast, so I think 8 hours is plenty of time no matter how slow you go. Also, conviently my linux computer’s processor decieded to die on sunday as well. Good thing I don’t back anything up. Pretty scary. Luckily I pulled the HDD and put it in some 266mhz computer and it worked. I’m using it now, and still haven’t backed anything up. I guess I never learn, I even bought a Tape drive and all. I am going to bed now, I’ll let you know about my work-week tomm, there is the weekend for you.

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