I hate computers, and me because I am dumb, long day…

So today has just been a splendid day. I mean I started off waking up late then going to work of course. Work wasn’t terrible today, I solved a problem that boss wasn’t able to solve. Definitly reduces lots of problems we have been having. But then I went to check to see if this stuff I have been working on would work in Netscap 4.7, and walla it didn’t. But before my hard drive failed last week, it was working in Netscape. And I swear the code is the same. Well then I showed it to the boss, and he was happy and so was I, but then this Netscape issue. So by friday morning at 10am, I have to have the netscape problem fixed along with several other upgrades and bug fixes. I don’t think that is going to happen. But we’ll see. Then to top the night off even more, I have just managed to kill my two best computers. My Athlon XP 1800 and Athlon 1.2GHz processrs are soon to be burried. I fried the 1800 tonight, I actually got to see the smoke of the 1800, that was a lot of fun (where fun = me crying my eyes out). So I will buy at least one processor tomorrow to get a machine working. After all of the misfortuns of the night I splurged and had a code red mountain dew. Now I am going to get to bed so I can get this project done by 10Am tomm. Goodnight

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