The summer has now come to an end

Well I finished up my last week of work on Aug 9th and then went back to Lynchvegas (Lynchburg) for a while. During this time at home I spent nearly all of it working on this fantastic workbench. It took about 6 days to get this together. I guess carpentry is not my forte. But the desk is almost done now, just need to get a few more coats of finish on it. There will be a little documentary about the building of the desk once it is complete.
About school. I have moved all of my stuff from Pi Lam into my dorm room. I am going to be an RA in Humphreys (Old Dorms). I am real exictied about this. Training started yesterday, it wasn’t too bad. Today though, and throughout the rest of the training it looks like days are from 8am – 9pm. I expect training to be fun and then the whole RA deal should be good as well. The people on the Humphreys staff seem cool, so I don’t think there will be any major problems. We get three meals a day which is going to be nice. UVA has also redone Newcomb Dining. It is pretty cool now, and the food is actually made by people, not like big trays of slop that they splatter on your plate. I am looking forward to this coming year. Also look for a small writeup about my work at IMC in the near future. Webcam is up as well. Off to training for me.

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