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It’s been a while since I have had any time to update my site. My RA training is finished, and my residents have moved in. Training was a long and hard week of 16 hour days. But I learned a lot about how to handle many different situations and problems that may arise among my residents. Move-in day was on Saturday; it was a lot of fun seeing all the residents move in and then all the parents leaving. I didn’t see any teary moments where parents didn’t want to leave their kids, but I heard of some touching stories. My residents have been here for two days now, they all seem to be pretty good kids. I’m excited about this year. Last night reminded me a lot of my first year. On my way out there were herds of 1st years everywhere, all heading out to Rugby Rd. There were a few parties last night, so they had some places to go. It’s funny watching the 1st years move from party to party in groups of 20 trying to get in. I am looking forward to this new year of kids.
I ordered some fun new computer parts a while ago and have yet to see any boxes. I am pretty pissed about this, because UPS said they were delivered. But life goes on, it was only some $300 of stuff. Well, I have to take my residents to ‘Grounds for Discussion’ at 9:30; I hope they are all up. I hope to do some more updating later today.

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