The first few days of classes

I have been exercising my powers as an RA the past few days. My residents are all moved in and my hall is beginning to cheap cialis online bond and hang out and stuff. So much fun, just two guys on the hall are never around, but that happens. House council elections were tonight, one guy from my hall, Colin, is the IM coordinator. I have now been to all of my classes once. It looks like ECE 309 will be my hardest class, luckily it’s an elective, so I might drop it. I don’t know, I need to figure out how this whole school and degree thing works. Yesterday I managed to basically destroy lots of work by accidentally erasing the ECE website I have been working on all summer. Luckily I had a backup from 6 weeks ago. But that is 6 weeks of work down the drain. Tomorrow is Tom Deluca; that should definitely be lots of fun. I am going to bring my hall to that doing some food beforehand. On the RA note, Sue Woodcock is the greatest funest superest sweetest Senior Resident in the whole wide world. After the ECE site is finished, I will be adding a Humphreys section to the website as well as a section telling you how to make your computer run faster.

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