1 week of school down. It’s starting again . . .

So the first week of school is over. All of my classes are getting underway. It looks like it’s going to be a tough semester. Electromagnetics (ECE 309) and Signals and Systems (ECE 323) are going to be my hardest courses. I plan on staying on top of my game and getting my homework done early and reading all my books. If I work hard for a good part of each day, I think I can pull it off and have evenings to relax. I didn’t go running today, but I will make up for that tomorrow. We had our first MSuG meeting today; I will continue to be the secretary. There is an opening in the IFC for a webmaster tomorrow. I kinda want to do it, but so does my friend. And that wouldn’t be cool if I went up and beat him. Ya hear me? My hall is having a mixer with Echols 2nd Right on Friday. We are all going to Fridays after Five, which will be lots of fun.
Informal Rush is starting tomorrow. It is really short, only a week and a half long. I hope we get some good guys. It should be fun, but long nights during rush. Come on out to Pi Lambda Phi. That is all for me, goodnight.

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