UVa Football, classes, weekend, and water football

So today, stuff happened. Classes are fully underway now. Projects have been assigned as well as non-trivial homework. Luckily today, I spent very little time studying, meaning more for tomorrow. Pi Lam rush started this weekend, it should be pretty fun considering this is informal rush and there isn’t as much pressure and time-commitment involved. There is a date function thing on Thursday, I don’t know what I’m going to do about that, but I’m sure it will be fun. My hard course ECE 309, is going to be similar in difficult to ECE 304; I had last semester. But, this isn’t a bad thing, because I think that Prof. Barker is going to be a good professor. I don’t know if he will be as good as Prof. Wilson, but not far off. I’m looking forward to a semester for lots of learning. I am taking no Arts and Crafts courses; all E-School, all technical.
This weekend was pretty laid back. Friday consisted for me taking my hall to “Friday’s after Five” on the Downtown Mall, then Rush, then coverage. Saturday, I woke up late, then relaxed most of the day. My parents came up for the football game, I went and tailgated with them. Lots of fun and free food. And YAY UVa Football for a fantastic game and a victory over the Cocks. Sunday consisted of meetings and more relaxing (no homework). Today was a full day of classes for me to sleep through, followed up by an exciting game of water basketball. Jennifer, Kelly, Fabs, Stan, Dan, and I played three games of water basketball to determine the World basketball champions. I made Stan look real dumb, for I am one amazing water basketball player. I also managed to knock out a few of Kelly’s teeth, as well as drown her, and kick her in the stomach. I was able to successfully pick Jennifer up and toss her out of my way whenever necessary, to lead to my team’s victory.
The semester moves on… I have a lot of web design to be doing. The ECE site should be finished soon, then more updates on mine. The Angle wants some enhancements to that site, but it is in ASP which I haven’t done in quite a while; so that will be torture. Boo Microsoft. I also have web work to be done on the Pi Lam site as well. Well to bed for me. AND, basically… YOU ARE HOT ! !

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