A really long week, and a long description of the week

This past week was fairly eventful. Not so many exciting events, mostly just me doing work. I spent a fair amount of Monday working on my ECE 309 homework along with my 8.5 hours of class and labs. Of course I finished very little of it, so I spent a total of 9 hours on the homework set on Tuesday (10 problems). I also spent time on my ECE 333 project of writing a MIPS processor simulator in MIPS assembly language. After a grueling 5 hours straight of homework Tuesday night with Ashley, Wednesday was filled with much more work. Physics homework, more ECE 333 project, and Algorithms homework. Wednesday also brought disappointment, because in ECE 309 we are given no partial credit on homework, so if you miss 1 part of a 5 part problem then the whole problem is wrong. Most questions are 2-3 part problems requiring about 45 min each. I missed an opportunity to play water basketball with Jennifer Wednesday night as well. Thursday consisted of more Physics homework and then another several hours on the 333 project, forcing me to miss my dinner at Pi Lam. I ran out of food this week as well. Wednesday I finished off all of my cheese, Thursday and Friday’s lunch consisted to some left-over hamburger buns I found. Luckily my parents brought up some food when they came for the Homecoming game this weekend.
Friday was a bit relaxing, just classes, no homework or anything; turned in my 333 project. After that I drove two 1st years to JMU. I got back in just in time to make it to Friday meals at the Pi Lam, and then drive directly to GCF (Grace Christian Fellowship) for the weekly large group meeting. I didn’t go out Friday night; I cleaned up a little bit and went though my financial records checking everything. I managed to get up early to get breakfast at Pi Lam Saturday morning and hear the Alumni talk about their past experiences as brothers of Pi Lam. It was definitely an interesting look into where we were and how far we have come as a society. I met my parents back here and we visited Jennifer at her Chem-E cookout. They had tons of decent food, then I brought my parents back to the Pi Lam house to chill out with the rest of the old people there. The game was not very interesting, UVa didn’t play well but we still beak Akron. Saturday night consisted of my watching Pink Floyd – The Wall twice and Dark Side of Oz twice with Jennifer. I then got up early this morning (Sunday) to pick up the people I brought to JMU and went to my usual Sunday meetings. This week there are no projects or test, so it should be a little less intense.
I received an offer to rework the DKE (a fraternity) website to make it interactive. This could be my second paid website consulting job. Engineering Internship fair is this week as well. I will be polishing up my website and resume the next few days to make a solid impression on the companies coming to visit.
Also, Thursday was Courtney’s birthday. 18 years now, she is legal. There are a few pics from her little celebration dinner to the right. Have fun being able to sign your own name now, Courtney. There was a pretty disgusting thing done in the bathroom today as well. Check it out in the Crazy section of Hump2Right if you dare. I won’t put it on the page because I want people to no puke while reading this.

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