Looking for a date for Saturday

This Saturday; Colonade Ball; formal event; I am looking for a date. Now accepting nominations and votes. Only requirement is female, college student, and in CVille this Saturday night.
You can vote for your favorite female now by sending a message to me via AIM at ‘Jason1365’.
Self-Nominations and/or voting for yourself counts for 2 votes. Nominating/Voting for anybody is 1 vote.
Current Nominations / Votes:

Kelly 2
Ami 1
Sheena 1
Jennifer 8
Go Alone 2
Janna 1
Gabe’s Mom 2

All votes are confidential, although number of votes are not. You may vote for more than one person. But you cannot vote for the same person multiple times. All voting is open to the public. Voting for youself is encouraged because it shows me that you would say Yes if I asked you and it will also count as 2 points toward yourself.
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Brief Description of the weekend

Sorry, I haven’t written anything in a while. I hope to have a little free time soon. I have two exams next week, plus a fair amount of website work to do (not on this site). I spent this past weekend (and Monday and Tuesday) relaxing. I programmed websites and visited my parents back home, as well as Janna at Liberty University and my brother, Jeffrey, at VCU. It was a fun weekend. I will write up more about the my visits to the other schools shortly with pictures. I have also determined that bars are not good when there is free alcohol involved somehow. Keep that in mind the next time you go to a bar.
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