SPAM – Why does it exist? How to stop it.

Here is a great piece of literature on SPAM. Everybody hates it but it still makes it into our inbox every day. How did these companies get your email address? Are there ways to reduce your current inbox?
I can say there are a few things to do to reduce spam:
– Have 2 email accounts (one you rarely give out – only to friends or very reputable companies; and the other you use for companies you do not have any significan stake in)
– Do not post your email address on any webpages
– Do not open spam (especially in any HTML complient Email client – Outlook or web-based email browsers [Hotmail])
– Never click the “REMOVE” link or reply to emails asking for removal (you just verified it is a valid email address and the companies will keep you in the database for another year or so)

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