Crazy fun night, this is why UVa is so great

This semester seems be off to a great start. I am currently signed up for 20.5 credits. That may change over the next week; we’ll see where things go. Pi Lam will be having our first party tonight. We have changed the house a whole lot recently – dual level stage, dancing pole, strobe light, colored lights, additional bar, bright yellow porch, and blue shutters. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Yea, this semester is going to be lots of fun, too bad there are only two semesters left. Read on about what I have been up to the first few days.

Well, I want to start off and say what happened last night because it was so much fun and since I am 21 now I can write about it. Well last night was supposed to be 4th year night at the Biltmore (a bar). Myself along with five others headed down there around 8:45. The bar has specials every Thursday night from 8 – 9 where you can get bottom shelf mixed drinks for $1. So I got in line at the bar and ordered 3 whiskey sours. About this time is started to rain pretty hard. I then drink the first two in about 20 minutes and was on my way to finish the third one when the power went out. Pretty awesome huh? The bartender was still serving for a little while when the power was out, but then that ended a few minutes before the emergency lights went out. So there are some three to four hundred students in a bar with no lights and no alcohol while it raining very hard outside. We make some phone calls get a friend to pick us up for a ride home. About this time we are starting to get rowdy demanding free beer and more drinks. But my friends and I were headed out as we saw a cop roll up – probably to regulate. We get back to Pi Lam, and start to plan what to do the rest of the night. What comes to mind?
We decide it would be good if we had a few more beers and get changed into old gym shorts and old shoes (no shirt). So we all had about 5 beers and a few shots of liquor during that half hour then hit the streets with a few more beers. We went over to an apartment with 3 girls and hung out there for a few minutes convincing them to come with us to have fun. The rain has started to let up now, but was still coming down, and all the streets where completely dark. We then head out to the Rotunda. I wonder what is going to happen next?
As we make our way to the rotunda we notice that one end of the Mad Bowl is full of water and the other end is very muddy; this would be fun to play in after we visit the lawn. We make it to the lawn. Of course this is the best time to fulfill one of the many UVa traditions: Streaking the Lawn. There are usually cameras monitoring the lawn as well as cops, but tonight all of the cops have other things to worry about and there is no power, so seeing us won’t be easy – at least that is what I thought.
There are about 8 guys sitting on the steps of the Rotunda with a flashlight and there are others on the edges of the lawn. We had already seen several others run all the way down rugby naked with headlights of a car following the guy to the lawn. So we know lots of students are streaking the lawn tonight. I then remove my shorts and boxers and get ready for the run. To get from one end of the lawn to the other it’s about 1/8th of a mile with 4 separate short steep hills the rise about 4ft evenly spaced down the lawn [seeing these isn’t easy in the dark]. So I start down the lawn and I completely forgot about the steep drop-off and fell flat on my butt. I got up and continued running watching for the next drop-off whenever the lighting would flash. I made it down to the end and decided I needed to urinate. A statue of Homer was at the other end waiting for this. After that I started back up the lawn. I made it a little over halfway back up the lawn, when there were a few flashlights on me. They were right in my face so I couldn’t see anything. Then I heard girls yelling around me. I saw them in my way and it looked like they were coming for me. I managed to maneuver around two of the girls, then one came out of nowhere on my left and took me out. I was sprawled on the ground and saw the others running toward me to tackle me again. Since I used to be a track star, I knew I could easy outrun them, which I did to the end of the lawn. The guys sitting on the steps still had the spotlight on me, so I made sure they got a good look, and then I slowly but surely put my clothes back on. Four of my friends watched this entire escapade and another one ran it a little ahead of me. We then walked back to the Mad Bowl to play in the mud, with many people making fun of me for being naked as well as getting tackled by the girl.
We made it to the Mad Bowl and just ran around jumped in the water many times, wrestled, threw mud and water all over everybody. Just generally had a lot of fun. There were about another thirty people already down there when we got there doing the same sort of thing. We would all get in a big line, count down, then run and jump into the 1ft deep muddy water. Then we ran several times back and forth around the Mad Bowl to get the thick mud area and have fun there. We tried to team with some Tri-Delt girls to just turn the whole area into a big wrestling match, but that fizzled quickly. After playing for half and hour or so we headed back to Pi Lam, the girls that were with us went back to their place. We then grabbed some food and hung out watching what else was happening on Rugby Rd.
What a great fun night huh?
Some of the other UVa traditions:
4th year fifth: This happens the day of the last home football game of the season for 4th years. The idea is that the 4th years will drink a fifth or liquor before the final game (usually around 3 hours do complete the task).
Streaking the Lawn: Run up and back down the lawn naked.
Corner Crawl: On the 21st birthday, the person will go out to the many bars on the corner and attempt do drink 21 drinks in that time. Usually friend of the person will keep count and make sure the person is fed very bad tasting drinks.
Sex in the Stacks [Not for me]: The ‘stacks’ is the area on the libraries where the books are kept. There are many rooms that are often desolate in the libraries, very narrow spacing between rows of books, etc. So the idea is that you have sex with somebody in the library stacks. This is a tradition I will not partake in.
Let’s have a really fun semester and do lots of fun [stupid] things this year.

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