Reflection: Tues 9/9/03

Reflection: Tues 9/9/03

The reading about meditation seems so foreign to me, especially the posture aspect. It seems like the whole meditation thing is kind of some sort of surreal state that I should be trying to attain. I guess that is the purpose of it – to somehow transcend into this sort of supernatural state of thought and existence. Since I am an engineer I take a more analytical look at things. When I try to meditate, I just feel like I am trying to just sit there and wait until I start to hallucinate. Then I am supposed to think this is a good thing and I have somehow achieved a “better” state of being. I am supposed to be aware or my surroundings sitting somewhere with my eyes closed listening to my breathing. Basically I am asked to cut off my mind from any significant sensory input and then I become more aware. This makes no sense to me whatsoever. This is why we have people end up in psychiatric wards. This mediation just seems to be a little more subdued reality of a “crazy” person. Some person sits in isolation from the world and then says that they know more about the world than anybody else without any input from the world.
I also think it is really weird we have to sit in a certain position to meditate in the best way. It is a fairly uncomfortable position for me because I am not very flexible. It says that after doing it for several months it will be comfortable. But after doing anything for several months is then a habit and normal, that doesn’t mean it is good or anything. I’m sorry, I just don’t get it at all. Just thinking about the entire idea does not make much sense to me. Also, I am firm believer in Jesus Christ and the Christian faith. Although meditation in this sense may not be something against my beliefs, but the thought of me finding peace in myself is something against what I believe.

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