Life’s Reflections

So I guess I just got thinking about about this who rest of life thing, now that it is almsot upon me. I’m just rambling here, maybe I’ll give more details later. Oh well, crazy kid I am.

So let’s think about stuff here. Everything is just so great right now in my life. I mean I can’t describe it at all. There is nothing I am worried about at all and I know that there is some sort of purpose in my life. I don’t know what it is yet, but I know there is something that I am supposed to do and I guess I will understand when it happens. The nicest thing I have finally come to terms with is the need for a female relationship (girlfriend). I really want one, but I’m not going to worry about it whatsoever. I know I will find a wonderful girl soon who will work out perfectly. I have no doubt about this is the weird thing, and I’m pretty sure I will find this perfect girl within the year.
So, I was also thinking about the how awesome it will be to have a great girl. I mean a girl that I am willing to die for. Somebody that I will do anything for and not even have to consider if it is worth it. Finally, I will be able to have a relationship that is the way it should be: no-hostility, open communication, no intimidation, pride, respect, and love. So to achieve this sort of relationship, I need to start working on it now, way before I even meet this girl. I am taking the advice of my pastor and praying daily about my future wife and that the decisions I make now will not interfere with a healthy relationship down the road. Therefore, one thing to make sure there is a good relationship now means I need to be careful about my relationships now – especially things sexually related. Sex before marriage pretty much out of the picture. I was thinking, what can you do to show your wife that you really love her? I mean giving her money or time isn’t really that meaningful, that is what you are supposed to do anyways. Pretty much saving yourself for marriage is the only real way to show real commitment and love. To be able to say to the person that you love that they are the only person to really know you is incomparable to anything else your partner could give you. There is that and time/money to show your partner you love them. Get a really good job or hit the lottery then you can spend time and money on your partner. But there is no substitute for giving your partner your virginity. And with that comes lots of beneficial things. First your partner will never question if they are as good sexually as your previous partners. No worries about STDs/STIs. And for my myself, I won’t be able to compare to anybody else. That means I will never wish I was with somebody else who I may consider better. Ignorance is bliss in this case.

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