Winter Break – at time to stop worrying

This is my last winter break I will get from school any sort. It was an interesting one, one where I didn’t have to worry about what I will be doing next summer or the next year, because I had just signed to work for Deloitte in DC.

Well, this break has consisted of a bit of website work (not on this site) and some time visiting friends and the like. I stayed in Charlottesville about a week after school was over doing website work and trying to get stuff together for my thesis. The thesis has turned out not to the cake walk I thought it would be, but such is life. Although I must say that pretty much everything in my life is fantastic right now; I can’t think of anything to complain about (an oddity for me).
So I have been creating these ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ websites for this guy Tim who lives who knows where. I created one for him this summer and then another just before exams and I’m currently working on 2 more during the break. If you are interested in that sort of stuff let me know (especially if you want to run your own). I don’t know if I really like the premise of these websites – basically they are sort of pyramid schemes. So the owner of the site gets butt-loads of money while all the other poor suckers get almost nothing. As long as you are one of the first users to get into the site and you refer a few people you will make your money back and more. But most of the people will never see their money again. I guess it’s just the idea of ‘who is the bigger fool’? I don’t want to get involved in it though, I just want to write beautiful code and sell a product where I am not responsible for how the product is used, etc, bla bla bla.
So I have make more money off these websites than other I have done which is nice, but to know that the code I write gets the owner over 30K in a couple weeks makes me feel like I’m getting gypped, but that’s ok, I don’t need much money – I have nothing to spend it on.
I got to spend a few days home with the family for Christmas. That was definitely nice to be back home on the farm for a few days. Nice and relaxing. The family and Phil, Tom, and John went down to the UVa Continental Tire Bowl game against PITT. That was a lot of fun, we had this tiny junky hotel just outside of Charlotte, but so much fun. We went to the pep-rally the night before where there were only UVa fans. PITT has a horrible showing at the game, UVa sold some 30,000 tickets while PITT only sold like 3,000. Oh well, after the pep-rally we went to the bar where like every other UVa person was. It was 4th year night there. Somebody gave lots of money so that us 4th years could have free beer, so that was definitely nice. Me, Phil, and Tom hung out there all night, it was like a UVa bar, everybody there was from UVa. I ended up talking to this girl Rachel most of the night which was fun – she seemed like a cool girl. Plus I got to see lots of people I hadn’t seen in a while and talk to tons of random (and non-random) people. The next morning we got up at 8 to tailgate at the same place we did last year. It was great, I had my music turned up pretty loud and we had lots of food cooking up and such. Best tailgate there I’m sure, lots of people came up and said they definitely liked our taste in music. After a while it got warm and of course what do you do then? Get everybody to strip down to their t-shirts. Then of course you will cut a hole in the top of the sleeves then have a person on each sleeve rip them off at the same time. My brother joined in for this – so all of us (5) college guys had cut-off t-shirts (mine was my ‘socially inept,’ shirt). After singing-along to all of the songs and serenading the fans as they walked by, we headed to the game. The game was great as well considering we won. But durning the game, John and I decieded it would be a good idea if we started the wave. So we went down front and tried starting it about 5 times and finally we had maybe 1/3 of the people in our section participating. So we went back and told Tom and Phil to start the wave in our section while John and I were going to head down a few sections and make sure it kept going. After attempting to get the wave going a few sections down, we realized it was the PITT section because people were flicking us off for some reason. Needless to say the wave was pretty much a failure. It didn’t help that neither of us were not wearing any UVa colors or that Phil and Tom never came to help. We also were wearing our sleeves as headbands. Nevertheless it was fun. Close to the end of the game we starting making fun of PITT a lot pretty loud and got the PITT fans near us to leave. Nap after the game then we went over to this girl Hunter’s place to hang out for the night – where Tom and John proceeded to kill a case by themselves. We (I) drove back home the next morning and sent the group on their own way back home. What a fun trip though – yay road trips.
I went back up to Cville after building a greenhouse for my mother that day. I did some more website work in Cville and then headed to Blacksburg for a New Years party. We were in some little house on the top of a mountain – pretty sweet. Phil, Mark, Mak, and I went down in Mark’s car. Jessica was there – that was super awkward. Apparently I have to talk to her and she can’t approach me. But either way I “dropped the ball” and didn’t talk to her till late in the night when she apparently didn’t want to talk to me anymore. Oh well, life goes on. Although, it would be nice if I didn’t worry about it being awkward and the like, then I could have just gone up and talked to her at the beginning of the night. Oh well, she still could have approached me, I don’t see why it was my responsibility. Enough of that, we woke up the next morning went to Tom’s place and had his mom cook us lots of really good food. I ran around with the dog and bit then we headed back to Cville again.
I spent another couple days in Cville doing some website work and the like, then headed up to Atlantic City with Mark, Tom, and BMar in the little Neon. Mark had got 2 nights free from Las Vegas through the casino so that definitely helped reduce the cost. Lots of tolls on the drive – pretty insane if you ask me. Just raise taxes a little and stop wasting our time with the tolls. The first night we hung in the casino. I did some nickel slots and that was good for me. Not incredibly exciting or anything; I guess gambling isn’t in my blood. I was never good at it. But either way I ended up about $40 ahead on the nickel slots for the night. I guess the trip wasn’t very eventful. The next day we got up late, walked around, ate, took a nap and then went to another casino. I didn’t gamble at all that night, but managed to fall asleep repeatedly in the casino to wake up to my friends blowing smoke in my face. Got up the next morning and drove back to Warrenton to visit Dylan.

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