Exciting week with a great Easter Sunday finish

Well, Easter weekend is now behind me and another week full of work activities awaits me when the sun peaks over the horizon in the morning. This past week had a several fun and interesting events, especially Sunday.

This week started out with prep step with Patrice as usual. This time we attempted to make up our own move. It turned out to be pretty interesting. I dropped her when we were showing it to our instructors, but I think we can get it down for formal. Speaking of which I asked her on Monday. She initially rejected me (as I was expecting), but then came to her senses and changed her mind. So this is going to be fun. This Saturday we will go to Virginia Beach and hang out, dinner, dancing, etc. I’m excited.
Also on Monday, it was my turn to setup and tear down the equipment for Chi Alpha. I’ll be doing it the next few times as well. Chi Alpha is a lot of fun. You should come. Mondays at 8PM in Minor auditorium. What a fun filled Monday.
Tuesday I checked out the UVa auction. Nothing too much there to waste my time with. A fun day of classes then a surprise birthday thing for Kathy (she was on my Guatemala trip). It was cool to hang out with bunch of Chi Alpha people in New Dorms for a little while. I also went to a little panel discussion on how to make a good first impression on the new job I will have – Deloitte.
Finally Wednesday, I went to visit the travel agency in an attempt to figure out some sort of traveling for this summer. I talked with a nice lady for a little while about Europe and Asia. Turns out there isn’t anything like I want in Asia, so maybe it will be just Europe for me. I spent too much time with her and had to basically jog to my fitness assessment by Tom. Since I almost ran to get there on time, my heart rate a little high. Through the test it showed my heart rate only increased by four beats per minute. Wow, I must be in great shape huh. After the test it turns out I have around 16% body fat, have higher blood pressure than is healthy, and my fitness scores were above average ranging from 75-85%. So the big thing I need to do, is spend some more time in the gym doing a general workout along with reducing my sodium intake. So from now on, let’s eat food that isn’t high in sodium.
I went to this little seminar on how to manage your finances after college on Thursday. This was definitely something good for me, because I don’t manage my money at all. I spend and check every once in a while to make sure there is something left in the account. So on advice of the lady, I applied for my first credit card on Friday. Friday, I got a flat tire in the parking garage. That was just a fun experience. Oh well, it happens. Then also on Friday, I had dinner with Jenny. She is from Thailand, so she was going to give me some pointers on traveling to Asia. That was definitely nice; she brought her picture book from back home so I could see a little bit of what her life was like back home. Definitely a interesting time and fun dinner.
Saturday I went home and fixed my car up a little. But before going home I stopped in to Sam’s here in cville to get my flat fixed. They said it would be a two hour wait, so I decided I would drive to lynchvegas on the donut to the Sam’s there for them to fix it. After waiting for an hour, the lady at Sam’s says they can’t fix it and they don’t have any tires that can put on my car. So I drive home and back to cville on the donut – something you are not supposed to do. Oh well, such is life.
Now here is the best part of the whole week. Easter Sunday. Jennifer had been dating this guy Jace for some time now. This was his first time to church with us. He went forward at the end of the service to accept Jesus as his savior. How awesome is that? God answers prayers. I’m so happy and excited for him. I can’t wait to see what happens in his life. Just another way I can see that God is living, listening, and answering prayers in his own way on his own schedule.

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