The semeter and college career is coming to a close

The last two full weeks of school are now over. We are heading into exam time now, and then my college experience will be coming to a close. The past two weeks have been very busy, but also a lot of fun. Chi Alpha Decades Party, Formal, ECE 436 design, W&M Semiformal, Foxfields.

Well, I must say that I wasn’t expecting a Chi Alpha party to be so much fun. There was no alcohol or anything. Like 60-70 college students out at the Chi Alpha house with Sami DJing the party. Some of you may thing a bunch of Christians don’t know how to dance and have fun, but you need to see for yourself. I hope I can find a group a great people like this up in DC. But the party was Friday night, which then leads into a fantastic Saturday.
Formal – always an incredibly fun time. I had the privilege of taking Patrice with me this year to my formal. We have been doing Prep-step Monday evenings for several weeks now, so we had a few dance moves ready. We drove down to VA Beach and played on the Beach for a while, then took a walk to the Peir and back. I was the only person without a shirt on – I felt pretty awkward, but its all good because I looked good. Tom and I were the only ones to get in the frigid water before the formal started.
After getting all dressed up and pretty, Patrice and I headed downstairs for the evening to start. The food was very good as usual, and we were in a smaller room this year making it a bit more cozy. I attempted to dance most of the night because we only were going to have about two hours after eating for fun dancing. Even though I have no moves, I am out there doing the best I can. The usual Sandstorm was fun and energetic as to be expected. Overall the night was a lot of fun. I didn’t get drunk or anything and still had tons of fun. After they kicked us out and told us to go back to our rooms. Most everybody changed into swimming apparel. You may wonder why, considering it’s about 1 AM. We all head out to the beach, of course, it’s time for a swim in the ocean. Tom is the most exited about this, and most of the guys that have any courage get ready. We get into a line and run in together – what a bonding experience. A bunch of half naked guys running into frigid water only to scream like little girls and run back out. But it was so much fun. When I got back, Patrice said she was man enough to try the water. I didn’t think she would, and no other girl there would. But, I told her to start running with me, and there she was – right there. Tons of fun, awesome girl for not being a baby and being scared.
After a little while of standing around talking and drying off in the cold wind, Patrice and I headed back upstairs to get cleaned off. After a while others came to our room to hang out for a bit until we were all pretty tired and headed to bed. What a fun time.
The past week was pretty fun as well. I took a quick trip home on Wednesday after watching Phil’s COMM class presentation. Which was really fantastic I must add. I went home to fix my car given that a mechanic told me my inner tie rod end needed to be replaced. I went home, took everything apart and didn’t see anything wrong. Who knows – was this guy trying to rip me off? Oh well, it was good to see the parents briefly.
Then Thursday turned out to be one long day. I got up at 9 AM and went to all of my classes. After classes I headed to the SEAS 4th year garden party. This was actually tons of fun, I was really suporised. They had so much very good bottled beer for everyone. All of the professers were there just hanging out along with all of the 4th years in the E-School. Just totally chill and fun. Then I went and had quick dinner with Jenny at the Pav and we walked to core group.
Core group was a lot of fun Thursday. We all shared about what has happened this year in our lives and what we want to happen over the summer. We also shared about what we thought about each other and how every person there has been a great asset to the group and how each person has played an important role in each of our lives. Definitly a touching experience.
So needless to say core group ran over about an hour. So I then went immediately to meet my 436 group to verify the project was almost done. I get there around 10:30 PM. I work, and work, and work, and work. Soon enough I realize it is 3PM the next day. I took a couple short 10 minute breaks but pretty much worked 17 hours straight on the project. I left with it mostly working on our test board. It was up to the rest of the team to get the final touches in place. Even though I hadn’t slept in so long, I was ready to head to W&M for a semiformal.
I was to meet and do the blind date thing with this girl named Ji. She was a fun girl – fun of energy. It seemed like this event was like a prom for college. School sponsored event that pretty much everybody went to. Ji said there really isn’t much in the way of other dances or events at the school, so the turnout was pretty good. It was in a tent outside, so the outdoor air was pretty nice. I got back from this event around 3 AM, with a little sleep on the ride. So I had gone about 40 hours without sleep. I immediately fall asleep.
I am awakened by a shrill voice outside my door. I recognize it, Danielle is out there. I walk out and realize it’s Foxfields and almost time to head out – about 9 AM. I don’t have a ticket, or any more to pay for one or a bus pass to get there. The bus is leaving in a few minutes. I’m supposed to bring my own food and drinks and I didn’t have time to go to any stores. But I mange to get my act together and we are on the bus to Foxfields by 10 AM. Foxfields was a lot of fun as usual. Maybe more fun for me this year, because I didn’t get drunk. I was able to go around chat, chill, and in general just have fun. After 6 hours in the direct sunlight I headed back home with beautiful new redness to me. I hit the bed when getting back and then chilled out the rest of the evening.
It’s been a long week, but very eventful and fun. Phil seems to have an offer from his top company so that is very exciting. Exams are approaching and school is just about over. And I am beginning to see that I have been having a lot of fun recently without drinking. I wonder where this is going to take me. Tomorrow I will give a final farewell to everybody at Chi Alpha and the Tuesday one to all my frat peeps – Pi Lambda Phi. It’s sad to leave, but I’m exited about what the future has in store for me.

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