Beach Week 2004

Beach Week

Well, Graudation is upon me. I will be graduating from UVa in a mere two days. Wow, the college experience is just about over. I completed all classes well over a week ago and just received my grades. As it turns out I will graduation with a 3.217 overall GPA. My whole family is going to be here for graduation, see me take the turn from education to practice. I’m very excited about this. Then I will be leaving for Europe on Thursday for twenty days traveling through twelve cities around Europe. This is going to be crazy because it’ll be my first time to Europe, and I will be going with a group of people I have never met before. After Europe I will move to the DC metro area and get settled in to start work at the end of July.
I have just spent the last week in Myrtle Beach, SC. Beach week – this is my last one. I did the high school beach week right after graduation as well as UVa beach weeks from my second, third, and fourth years. These weeks are just very nice times to relax after a year of school.
This beach week was a fantastically fun time. I was able to stay in the Tilghman like I did for my second year beach week. The days were usually spent with me waking up around 9 or 10 AM followed by a bowl of cereal and some quality computer/email time while everybody else began to wake up. After a while most of the 12 people that were staying a 6 person place would be up and about working something out for breakfast. Then the day began. We would pair up with somebody else to rub sunscreen on each other’s backs. This is always interesting as I listen to the question, response, and other sarcastic remarks, finally concluding with consent. After we are ready to go outside with our layer of white protection, it’s a matter of choosing what to do. Will it be sitting on the beach and reading? Walking around looking for friends to talk to? Playing a game of volleyball? Or actually spending some time in the ocean? Either way, all of these are great choices and each were explored at some point during the week.
After a long day of chatting, playing ball, reading, relaxing, swimming, or otherwise hanging out it would be time for dinner because hunger seems to usually creep up. About this time the crew would go in and each make some really cheap meal using the microwave or warm up frozen pizza in the oven. Then the popular question would ensue as each asked, “What you up to tonight?” Then it’s a matter of determining what events were going on, who was going to be where, and what seemed the most interesting. Eventually, either a consensus was reached among all, or the crew would split up and go separate ways.
The entire week was a lot of fun. I met this girl named Kim the first night. She seemed like a pretty cool and fun girl, so that was sweet. Otherwise I hung out a lot with the Pi Lam crew I was staying with or the younger Pi Lam guys. I got to spend a little while one night down at Sarah and Jennifer’s place. So that was fun (and surprisingly awkward). But it’s ok, awkward is fun.
What was really cool though was the last night there before the early morning departure and drive back to school. Both Pi Lam houses got together and we grilled out some burgers and steaks followed by some time of hanging out while everybody finished cooking and eating. Then we got as many chairs outside as possible all in a circle. And it was great, Wendt got his guitar out and played some music for us. We all sang along and just had a great time. This went on for several hours of just singing along with the guitar and talking. Boy, these times with friends will be missed – when we can all just sit around and not worry about anything but just spending time with people that matter to us.

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