Europe Day 2

Europe Day 2

I managed to checkout and make it to the London Bridge Subway station where I successfully purchased a ticket and rode the subway to the appropriate destination without any issues. I got off the subway and went to the Contiki meeting place and bought a sightseeing ticket for the day. I then attempted to find my hotel so I could stop lugging around my suitcase with a broken wheel. After getting lost as usual, I eventually found the hotel. Surprisingly they let me check in a little before 10 AM, so I put my stuff in my room and headed out.
Again, I got lost trying to make it about two blocks away to the bus stop. But eventually I found the stop and got on the bus. The tour bus eventually made its way near Buckingham Palace where I got off just in time to see The Changing of the Guard. There were so many people there, I don’t get why because it happens every day. So I watched some guards walk down the street and into the palace. Then I couldn’t see what happened in there, so eventually I got bored and headed out.
After getting back on my tour bus, I started to get bored of hearing about lots of London things that don’t mean anything to me. I almost started to doze off, when I thought it would be good to walk around and find someplace to spend lots of money. So, I attempted to make it to a shopping area but I got lost. Surprisingly though, me getting lost got my to the shopping area quicker than expected. After walking around and going into several stores, I thought it would be wise to head back home. Lots of little shops all over the place and I got to hit up the China and SOHO districts. I don’t know what SOHO means or anything, but it seems like all big cities have them as well as a “Chinatown”.
So I was getting more tired of walking around stores and not knowing where I was. So I thought I would head back to the bus stop to get a ride home. All I had to do was walk down this one big street and take a right down another big street. Obviously, that was too hard for me. What should have taken about 15 minutes ended up taking me about an hour and a half because I got lost, ended up by the river, found several beautiful parks, until I finally found my way. When I thought I found my way, I started walking and thought I needed to turn right down another street, I thought I would go straight and surprisingly, I was right at the bus stop.
I made it to my hotel, where I took a nap until me evening Contiki meeting. I filled out a little card then headed out to find something I could eat for breakfast because we have to up and ready to roll at 6:30 AM. I thought I would just walk around the block to find the best convenience store to buy some food. But soon I didn’t know where I was again, and it took me a little over an hour to make it back to my hotel. I then got on the internet for a few minutes to check my email, then back to the hotel where I am now getting ready for bed. This room has a “trouser press” that I am testing out for tomorrow. I don’t think this room has heat in it, because it must be like 50 F in here. Either way, it’s alright, I have my own room with bathroom and broken toilet. A small TV without remote and about five channels in English.
Well time to get another good night’s rest so I can have a fun day tomorrow. It seems like there will be around 20 people on the tour. I hope they are fun. There are a few couples, so we’ll see if they are fun. Other than that there seems to be only a handful of people my age with some in their upper 20s. Either way, it’s going to be fun. Goodnight.

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