Europe Day 4 – Amsterdam

Day 4 – Amsterdam

Wake up calls came at 7:45 AM, but since the walls at this hotel have no insulation in them, I woke up around 7:30 as I heard people talking in the hall outside. After a non-American breakfast, we packed up our stuff and were off to Amsterdam to start off the day with a bike ride. The land here is incredibly flat, so there were no hills to make the bike ride in any way unpleasant. We took a nice scenic rout through parts of a neighboring town outside Amsterdam to first see a windmill and then one of the locks used in the canals. The ride wasn’t too long, but the early morning ride and fresh air helped wake everyone up. Following the bide ride, the whole group went to see how the world famous cheese was made along with how clogs are made by hand. This was good, although not entirely interesting. After these too little endeavors, we had the rest of the day to explore the city.
A group of six of us stuck together today while we went to do some shopping at first on our way to the Ann Frank museum. This was good to get a look at, to see how a young female Jew attempted to survive the holocaust. Following the Ann Frank museum, a trip to the Sex Museum was only appropriate. This was definitely something that won’t be found in the US, along with many other things that would be too profane or inappropriate for the US. In attempting to navigate our way to these places of interest, we managed to get lost a few times. But getting lost only allows us to see more of the city – plus we had almost ten hours to explore anyways.
Finally the group I was with met up with two others and hung out for a little while and then headed to meet up with the entire Contiki crew to go to a “Culture Show”. As it turns out this “Culture Show” was actually a sex show. Our guide first led us through “skinny street” in the Red Light district were all of the “hot” and high priced girls (prostitutes) are before we made our way to the sex show. Seemingly, we were the guests of honor tonight at the show and the performers attempting to get many of us involved in the show. I was definitely not going to be part of this. A couple of the guys went up for part of the show. Another guy was forced to wear a blindfold while the girl instructed him with what to do. Either way the show was actually not very interesting, but actually boring. After the show, we all got back on the bus headed for home.
But the night wasn’t over yet. The bar at the hotel was open and a different Contiki group was on their last day of their tour here, so they were partying it up. Most of our crew came to hang out and dance for a while which made for a fun night. I got to watch two of the guys in our group pine over several girls from the other group to no avail – eventually rejection. Oh well, it’s now time to head to bed. We must be in the bus and ready for another long day by 8 AM. Germany is tomorrow, I’m really excited to be out of this town that is full of prostitutes, sex, drugs, and general lawlessness. Goodnight.

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