Europe Day 5 – St. Goar

Europe Day 5 – St. Goar

Up and early as usual, and spending a fair amount of the day on the bus. Today, we spent a little time getting to know each other on the bus. Each of us went to the front individually to give a short spiel about ourselves. This was good because there was one person I hadn’t really talked to yet so I got to hear a little about him. Otherwise myself along with many others spent much of the time on the bus grabbing several cat naps in uncomfortable positions. But, eventually we began to close in on St. Goar where to got off the bus to take a boat the final several miles into the city. The boat ride was pleasant; it was nice to get off the bus for a while and into a more spacious environment.
Of course, being on a fun little boat, I had to pretend to be a superstar – Leonardo Decaprio in Titanic. I got a nice little round of applause from those on the upper deck during my short performance. While going to sit down, my photographer said she didn’t know how to use my camera and didn’t actually get the picture. So I had to go back up on the front of the boat to receive a few comments how I was begging to get applause again and that I was pathetic. After getting off the boat in St. Goar, we proceeded to hear a little about steins and how they were made and what makes them so great. After this, I went ahead and bought a nice stein for myself.
Much of the rest of the group then proceeded to do some wine tasting but myself and three others opted out to take a hike to one of the nearby castles. This was definitely pleasant. St. Goar is a very small town with only one road. So very peaceful, quite, small, and clean. I don’t think all of Germany is like this, but spending the night in St. Goar was a much welcomed environment compared to the time spent in Amsterdam. After coming back from the castle, several of us continued to spent some time walking along the Rhine river for a little while. Eventually, I headed back to the hotel. We hung out for a good little while until the group began to split up and head to bed. Then a small group of us went out for a walk along the river again. Very nice to walk along the river after nightfall and just chat for a good little while. After a while of this, one of the girls needed to hit up the toilette, so we headed back and I went to bed. Time to get up around 6:30 AM, but goodnight. Tomorrow, I will spend some time in Switzerland.

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