Europe Day 10 – Rome

Europe Day 10 – Rome

Rome today – I was very excited about what this city had to offer during the busride from Venice to Rome. We went through Florence on our way to Rome, which seemed weird at first because we will be visiting Florence after Rome. Nevertheless, after a fairly lengthy bus ride, we arrived in Rome. We first stopped at our hotel for our two nights in Rome, and got ready for a Sunday evening the city. We took our bus to the local train station, where we then took the train into the center of Rome.
Our guide, Shell, then gave us a quick tour of several places in Rome even though she wasn’t supposed to do this. First we started at the Spanish Steps where I took a few quick photos and looked around the area a bit. I filled up a water bottle from the fountain at the bottom of the steps. Apparently in Rome, any water the comes out of the fountains is fresh water and safe to drink. After a few minutes spent here, we headed over to the Trevi Fountain. On the walk over it began to rain. Luckily I found a piece of cardboard to protect myself while many vendors selling umbrellas approached myself and the rest of the group attempting to sell their raingear. I stuck with the cardboard which I soon managed to balance on my head while others purchased umbrellas. It began to rain harder on the walk from the fountain to the Pantheon, so we ducked into an alley for a little while until the rain let up. We made it to the Pantheon and took a few quick photos but the rain was coming down hard again, so we scurried off to the Piazza Nouvona. This was a nice place where many merchants would bring their food, paintings, and other souvineers to sell to tourists. At this point we were all hungry, and walked a few blocks away to an Italian restaurant (surprisingly). I ordered a calzone which turned out to be small compared to what I am used to in the states, but it was nice to have wine included with dinner at no extra cost. Nevertheless, dinner was nice, but the best part was dessert following dinner because we got some Gelado at a nearby Gelado shop. After having several different flavors, we met Shell again for a quick look at some more of Rome before we headed back on the train then bus home.
Shell then took us to the Monument, which was absolutely enormous. I don’t know exactly what the monument was for but there were some guards standing there for some reason. Then we walked past parts of the Forum on our way to the Coliseum. The Coliseum was incredibly large from the outside and very pretty to look at all lit up just before dark. I can’t wait to take a look inside tomorrow. There is so much to see in Rome, tomorrow will be a very busy and long day to attempt to see the many sights to see. Time to get a good night’s sleep so prepare for the long day tomorrow.

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