Europe Day 12 – Florence

Day 12 – Florence

Today was a much more laid back day than yesterday which was spent trying to absorb as much of Rome as possible. The first three hours of the day were spend on the bus to Florence. We stopped briefly outside the city to take a group photo overlooking the city. Then we proceeded into the city to take a look at a few of the major attractions. There was a replica of Michelangelo’s David that suited me just fine, so I didn’t have any real desire to spend my time in lines to see the original sculpture. We then made it to a small shop that showed us how leather was worked to form several of the products in the store and a little bit of the background concerning leather in Florence. Then I took my time wandering around the area until our guided tour. The tour talked about the political powers of the past, the significance of many of the sculptures that seemed be always be around us, and then the only bridge left standing after WWII. I then took some more time to walk around looking into shops and just relaxing.
We then checked into the hotel and got cleaned up for the exciting night ahead. We were on our way to a Tuscan dinner followed by a night spent at a fairly large club in the city. The dinner was absolutely amazing fun and the food was fantastic. It was a solid four course meal with myself taking seconds on the pasta (second course) part. Red and white wine was provided throughout the meal along with an opera singer that sang four songs for us. Other than that there was a man along with an accordion played that sang to us. This guy seemed to have a thing for Maria because he spent much time singing to her and eventually he couldn’t keep away any longer and kissed her. Other than the singing, there was a man playing the keyboard during the rest of the time. I took this time to demonstrate my dancing skills. It was some simple slow dancing where you just rock back and forth in a circle. But a few minutes before the dinner Holly was giving me a hard time about me being a white boy that can’t dance. Then I get her to come out to slow dance with me, and she asks where I learned to dance. Turns out this girl has never danced at all for any occasion. At least I did the prep step deal and have the frat life to teach me the rest of the important dance moves.
Finally, after much singing and dancing, it was time for desert where we were severed a small glass of campaign and some cake. During this time was more singing for birthdays of those in the restaurant area. It was an old guy’s birthday and he had almost every girl in the place come give him a hug along with a few kisses. Then it was announced for another guy’s birthday who got some hugs and such, then an old lady. After all of the excitement, the announcer tried to build it back up for two more people. Turns out it was for myself and Jeremy (June 3 & 4). I got out there were the other people were who received hugs only to receive two hugs from girls that were on the tour with me (none of the other attractive girls there – and there were at least twenty other decent looking girls there). Oh well, such is life.
After the very fun dinner, we got back on the bus to go to Space Electronica – a large nightclub. This wasn’t too incredibly exciting – at least for me because I’m not a night club kind of guy. But it was good to get everybody out dancing and just having a grand ol’ time. I hung out there attempting to show off my dancing moves that were so criticized before they had been witnessed. I eventually headed home at 1:30 AM for a night of sleep. It’s been a fun and tiring evening, I hope the rest of the trip is this exciting.

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