Europe Day 13 – Nice (Pisa)

Day 13 – Nice (Pisa)

Today was a day where much of the time was spent on the bus traveling. First we stopped by the leaning tower of Pisa on our way to Nice. The tower is definitely leaning pretty bad, it was interesting to see how the foundation had sunk and such – what bad engineering on somebody’s part – but I guess it’s good enough because it is still standing today.
We made it to Nice in the evening and immediately changed to look classy for the night. We headed off to a fairly fancy dinner in Monte Carlo. Definitely too fancy for me because there wasn’t enough food although it was good, the small portions and high prices weren’t really my thing; but it was something to experience when in the ritzy Monte Carlo environment. Following dinner, we paid 10 Euros to enter the Monte Carlo casino. What a disappointment for paying money to enter some high class casino. The place was decorated nicely, but not as nice as I would expect for something so high priced. The casino was very small compared to my limited exposure in Atlantic City. So, I left the casino with a few other disappointed folks to take a look at what else was happening at the other nearby casinos. Not much there either; these rich people spend a lot of money to have the ability to snob away others from their boring environment.
The day wasn’t very exciting because our time was spent in a very expensive and rich area which isn’t really my thing. I came home somewhat early to spend some time reading. Tomorrow is my birthday and I need my rest to spend the entire day in Nice.

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