Europe Day 14 – Leon

Europe Day 14 – Leon

Most of today was spent on the bus traveling to Leon from Nice. We arrived in Leon around 6 PM which gave us no time to do anything really because the shops and other attractions all close by 6. So getting a taste of Leon was not really an option. But it was Jeremy’s birthday and we were going to go out as a group to a restaurant and have a good fun dinner. This was defninity an experience. I thought I would try out some new things. At first I had pig snout and hoof salad, followed by stuffed cow intestine. Whatever was in the cow intestine was pretty good. I didn’t venture to eat the intestine itself because I was told it was very chewy and not that great. Trying the new foods was a good experience, but that was enough for me. It wasn’t bad, just not something worth going out of my way for.
I thought I would go back early because I was very tired; I didn’t sleep very much on the bus today and I was up late the previous night. Tomorrow should be fun because we will be arriving in Paris – the city of romance. I guess I’ll have to find out for myself.

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