Europe Day 16 – Paris

Europe Day 16 – Paris

The morning was spent on the bus, but this is the last bus ride of the trip, except for the final ride back to London. After several hours, the bus came to a stop at a castle. I’m not exactly sure what the castle is famous for or anything; I tend to forget these facts soon after I hear them. But looking around the castle was nice because it was pretty and big and simply relaxing. I can’t figure out why anybody would need or even want anything so big and lavish, but I guess that is important to rich people.
We got back on the bus headed for Paris, more specifically the Eiffel tower. The bus went straight to the Eiffel tower. Our guide got us tickets allowing us to bypass the long line of other sightseers. The first elevator took us to the mid level, where we then waited in line for the elevator to the very top. Once at the top, I could see over a lot of the city. Very breathtaking views I must say. I went around the top taking my time looking over the city. It was a beautiful day to look out and see layout of Paris. Soon it was time to come back down to the bottom. Back at the bottom there were street vendors that approached us trying to sell postcards and small replicas of the Eiffel tower. After a little of refusing to buy the items, the bus arrived and we were on our way to our hotel.
Dinner at the hotel was decent although the service was horrible as it seems to be the norm in France. After dinner was a fun bus tour of the city. Shell and Howie (bus driver) took us around the city explaining the points of interest. We also took quick stops at several locations allowing for short photo ops. The bus tour was fun and informative allowing us to understand where points of interest were as well as determine if we wanted to visit them tomorrow. Eventually, the bus made its way back to the hotel where the night was left open for us to experience at our leisure. At first everybody spent a few minutes at the hotel bar when half of the group decided to walk around the area looking for other bars. I thought I would stay because I was tired and wanted to be ready for the big day tomorrow. After spending a little while longer in the bar with those left, myself and a few others headed upstairs and eventually to bed.

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