Europe Day 17 – Paris

Europe Day 17 – Paris

Wow, bright and early, I am up again. Breakfeast was very meager, but I managed to sneak into the upper class section of the breakfast area and grab me some meat and yogurt. Some attendant threatened to make me pay, but I told him that wasn’t going to happen. Surprisingly, today turned out to be a day where all the museums in the city were free. We definitely lucked out with out timing in this case. After breakfast, we headed into the city as a group where we immediately spit up into small groups with our own agendas for what to see today.
At first I started off headed to the infamous Louve. This places was very large and filled with many paintings. Too bad these didn’t interest me as much as the others in the group. They were very excited to see the impressionist and other paintings, while I glanced at them then attempted to find a seat while the others inspected each painting in the rooms. Eventually, we made our way out of the Louve and headed up to the Arc de Triamph. On the way though, we thought we would grab lunch because we were hungry and some of the people in the group wanted to visit a few of the stores along the main shopping street in Paris. I was very happy to eat, but decided against any stores and headed directly for the Arc. It is totally amazing that this Arc was in the middle of a 12 road intersection. Luckily there was an tunnel under the road to the get to Arc, because attempting to negotiate the 6 lane roundabout with 12 roads coming in and the incoming cars having the right of way would have been certain suicide. Apparently there is some form of accident on average every few minutes there and that all car insurance is void in this intersection. But, I made it to the Arc where I looked around and thought I would go to the top, but it would have cost me 7 Euros. So I just thought I would admire the Arc from the ground. After a while, I was pretty tired and laid down at the bottom of the Arc waiting on those who went to the shops to find me.
I awoke to Holly in my face, but still half asleep. I managed to get up and walk around the Arc some more with her while we waited on a few others to meet with us before we headed to Notre Dame. After a little while, we spotted the rest of the group minus ‘G’. We waited for her, but to no avail and headed to Notre Dame. Notre Dame was definitely a gothic place. I was pretty scared being there. I don’t quite get it considering it is a church – seems like it should be a place that doesn’t scare you away. After spending a little time there, we thought we would take a scenic walk back just admiring some of the city before we made it home to get ready for the night out on the town. But we managed to get lost on the way home losing the 45 min we thought we would have extra to make getting ready a leisurely experience.
This would be our last night together as an entire group because two people weren’t going to go back to London, but stay in Paris. We headed out early for dinner because it would be a decent walk to get there because it was on the top of a very large hill. When we made it to the bottom, there was a choice to make: to take the stairs or pay for an elevator ride to the top. Of course, I had to take the stairs. Wow, I was pretty tired when I finally made it to the top, but I couldn’t show it because I was a macho man. Even are this there was still a bit of a hike to make it to the restaurant. But finally we were there, and found some seats. I ended up getting a place between two other places, so I didn’t have much room. Nevertheless, the food was very good and the entertainment awful. There were two people on stage, one of which was a transvestite. I found this somewhat weird making the entertainment worse because the two were very awful singers. The service was horrible as usual which I commented on quite loudly only to realize my waiter was right behind me. I guess he didn’t poison my food because I’m still alive. I order the escargot as an appetizer, which turned out to be especially tasty – good choice by me.
By the end of the dinner many at the table seemed to be getting quite drunk and this was our last night together. So there was some somewhat sketchy activities happening between some of the people at the table. Then as we were about to leave, Holly thought it would be a decent idea to drink her glass of wine in two large gulps. This turned out not to be the best idea for a small girl that has pretty much never drank before. Almost immediately he was wavering as she walked. I was absolutely amazed how quickly the wine started to affect her and to the degree it did as well. I had to hold her up as we made our way halfway down the hill to a nearby pub. Surprisingly we made it to the bottom where we sat down for a beer. Holly was cut off for the night, but I had a Guinness with some of the other guys since it was our last night out.
After hanging out at the bar for a little while, we went to the club next door. We hung out there for a little while where we were the only people there – our group. I got bored of this after a little while along with a couple others, so we got a taxi and headed home. I, Holly, and a couple others made it back to the hotel and chatted for a little while and people left heading for bed. I stayed up for a while hanging out with Holly, but then sleep deprivation eventually took over and I headed to bed.

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