Europe Day 18 – London

Europe Day 18 – London

Well, we were up early again, but only to spend the day riding the bus back to London. Surprisingly, we took an early morning stop at a Canadian War Memorial. I was thoroughly tired at this point because the long days had totally caught up with me, but I didn’t sleep much during this bus ride because I spend this time organizing the many pictures I took while on the trip. I also spent a fair amount of time downloading pictures from other digital camers to add to my pictures collection. All in all, I have over 1900 pictures and over 1.5 GB of data. Also, many of us exchanged contact information and talked during our last bus ride – sleep turned out not to be the option that I was banking on.
Once we got back into London, we each said goodbye and headed our separate ways. Since I didn’t want to check into my hostel yet and be bored the rest of the day, I put my stuff in Holly’s room. Holly and a couple others were going to go the British Museum, but I was not up for that. I went downstairs to the café where I managed to pick up free wireless internet access. Boy, I was happy. This time of bliss didn’t last long because Holly came back from the Museum earlier than expected. We had a little while until we were meeting others for dinner, so we went to the nearby park and laid in the grass for a while. Holly attempted to teach me some Mandarin and Cantonese. She taught me how to say “you are pretty.” I thought that wasn’t very useful, but I guess that is what girls like to hear. We met up with the rest of the posse and began a search for an Indian restaurant. The Indian restaurant was very good, although the service wasn’t – I don’t think the waiter thought we were classy enough to be eating there. Either way the food was good and then it was time to spend some wandering the city.
We spent some time wandering to some of the sights of London. We made our way to Trafelga Squre where we spent some time chilling out at the fountain there. Then as it began to get dark we walked past Parliament and then made our way to Big Ben just after the sun set. Holly and I thought we would stay while the others took the subway back to the hotel. We just hung out on a bridge looked out onto the city. After a while of standing there, we realized it was getting late and that we should head back so I could make it to bed at some reasonable hour. We took the subway back to Holly’s hotel where I grabbed my stuff. She walked me out and we said goodbyes – nothing extravagant.
I managed to make my way back on the subway where I got off right near my hostel. Surprisingly I found the hostel without much trouble and checked in a little after midnight. I make it to my room where there four other people already in there. The room was the size of a very small single hotel room, but there were three bunk beds in there along with a sink. This left no room for luggage really. Also, there was no AC or fans of any kind. It was very muggy in the room and the window only opened about one foot. Without anything to do, I quickly got ready for bed attempted to sleep in the uncomfortable environment.

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