Handicapped: Maybe they have more than we do

My time spend in the morning service at McLean Bible Church this morning brought to light my self-centered nature. Watching the handicapped gave me some insight into myself. How is those with so much less than me can seem so much more happy? That is counterintuitive as defined by today’s society. Maybe I have it all wrong like the catiplillar in “Hope for the Flowers” by Trina Paulus.

Today at church this morning I was completely thrown back a little. I managed to get to church and grab some seats fairly close to the front. Well a few rows in front of me was the deaf/hearing impaired section. I’m not generally surrounded by handicapped people; that might have been why this was such an impacting experience. We all were singing praise songs and so where these people that can’t hear. They were signing the songs. Then there was some time where this girl sang a very beautiful solo and some time where the orchestra just played. Even through this these people that couldn’t hear any of these beautiful sounds were still praising God.
I got to wondering why I am so ungrateful for all of my abilities, the people in my life, my financial situation – everything. These people have probably never heard a single sound their entire lives and are still happy and praising God for the wonderful things He has done in their lives. And I find myself complaining about some small issues in my life because I’m not absolutely comfortable. I complain that somebody didn’t serve me fast enough, that it’s too hot or cold in a room, that one of my many shirts isn’t wrinkle-free, and anything that I think could make my life easier. Why am I so petty and self-centered?
If these people that have never heard a sound in their lives can be happy and content with their lives, why aren’t I that much more grateful that I can hear the many wonderful sounds of this world. What about people confined to a wheel chair. I saw this one girl last week in a wheel chair that couldn’t control her body posture well at all, but there was nothing that was going to stop her from praising God for the great things He has given her. She will never experience the joy from running that I have, the everyday convenience that we all have to easily move around, or being able to interact “normally” in an environment with many people, but even still she is filled with joy.
I begin to wonder if having things fairly comfortable makes us lazy. It seems that the more we have the more we “need”. Those with nothing seem to give the most, those with everything give the least. At least this is how I have seen it in my own life. This is one reason I do not want to make a lot of money. I have seen how it influences other people’s lives. I can see it even starting now. I wish we all could see our lives for what they really are, not how the money, power, respect society attempts to place value on our lives. Maybe then we could appreciate ourselves and others for exactly who we all are and be grateful to God for making us the way we are rather than jealous of others.

I hope that I can display a more selfless, humble, and joyous attitude those around me because I am at peace with myself and my life.

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