Personal Life Goals and Relationship Criteria

After discussing personal goals and relationship criteria with a friend of mine, I thought it would be very beneficial if I wrote these down. For one it would get me thinking about where I want to go in life and it would serve as a reminder for when I get off track or seem to forget where I was planning on going. So, here is where I’m thinking things should be heading in my life.Let me know what you think. What am I missing? Are there any areas where I am off track? If you haven’t done this yourself, you might want to take a few minutes (hours, days) to think about this so your life has some direction. Also, reading The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren might provide some insight. Take 40 of your 2,550,000 days on earth to make each of those days have some meaning.

Personal Goals:

  • Constantly remind myself I’m not in control of my life
    • Know that I don’t want that responsibility
    • I don’t want to feel guilty for mistakes
    • I don’t want to fill myself with pride thinking I brought about a positive outcome
  • Read at least one devotional a day five days a week
    • Don’t assume that I already have mastered the daily topic
    • Stop looking how the devotional I’m reading could apply to others
      • I’m responsible for myself, not others
  • Remind myself that no problem is out of God’s control
    • Trust God to take care of problems
    • Don’t question God’s method
    • Know that sacrifice, pain, and confusion now is only a teaching experience that I will look back on and understand there was no better way for me to learn and grow
  • Spend time talking to God
    • Be real with God
    • Tell Him what I’m struggling with
    • Tell Him what I’m confused about
    • Tell Him why I don’t know the way things are and what I want changed
    • Tell Him I am hurting and need comfort
    • Tell Him that I am angry with Him when I am
    • Ask for wisdom to know how to handle situations and the strength to follow through with the wise decisions
  • Build a reputation of integrity
    • Know my moral boundaries and do not compromise them
      • It only takes once to ruin a reputation, but a lifetime to build
    • Have the strength to overcome fears about what others will think of me when I don’t go along with mainstream ideas
    • Ask God daily for help to know what path to take to build this reputation
    • Don’t hide my past or current failures
      • Don’t allow others to question if I’m putting on a front, be open and honest from the start
  • Understand where I am in life
    • Understand natural desires are alright (for girls, sex, relationships, etc)
    • Trust God that the right relationship will develop when I am mature enough to handle it
      • But I must put for effort to meet people and build relationships
    • Enjoy the unknown as it is where I will grow the most
      • Be scared of the job responsibilities, but work hard and overcome
      • When I am scared to talk to somebody, do it anyway because that isn’t a reason worth entertaining
  • Trust God with my future
    • Be a good steward of my money, but recognize the money isn’t mine rather God is letting me borrow it and I responsible for using it wisely
    • Listen closely for God to direct my path, then I need to embrace His will even when it puts me out of my comfort zone or at financial or emotional risk.
  • Make relationships a priority
    • Understand the importance of building strong relationships
      • Relationships grow through hardship, vulnerabilities, and risks
    • Build relationships to show God’s love
      • Don’t build relationships with selfish motivations or intentions
    • Foster strong relationships by understand God’s relationship with me
      • Follow His perfect example
      • Remember that God loves each person equally and imeasureably

Significant Other Criteria:

  • Transparent
    • She must be willing to open up and express herself
    • Truthful and transparent are different
  • Open to God direction
    • She must understand that God’s direction is the only direction that will lead to happiness
    • She will only bring strife into my life, our relationship, and of course her if she does not trust God’s direction
  • Complement Me
    • She must have strength where I am weak
    • She must build me back up when I fail
    • She needs to have be somewhat emotional driven
      • Very open about expressing emotions
      • She needs to remind me of the side of life I sometimes overlook
  • She must enjoy me
    • I will not be a “nice” guy to her
    • I will be somebody she feels very close to
    • I will be somebody she can confide in, somebody who has her best interest in mind
    • She will enjoy hearing about me
      • The things I do at work
      • The things I like to do in my spare time
    • She will love and accept me as I am
      • But she will know I have flaws and am not perfect and will work me to recognize those flaws to prevent them from impacting myself or others negatively
  • I must enjoy her
    • I will think of her as somebody who knows me completely and I am not scared of that
    • I will love her many differences (quirks)
    • I will recognize her physical beauty and be attracted to her physically
      • I will not be scared to let her know that I think she is beautiful
    • I will enjoy doing things for her
      • I will want to surprise her to make her feel special
      • I will willingly do things to make her daily life easier
    • I will have great respect for her because she has a strong will and is committed to high moral standard according to the Bible
  • I will want to show her that I love her
    • I will want to be kind to her
    • I will want to show her a very tender love and treat her as delicately as possible
    • I will be excited to share the fact that I am dating such a wonderful girl to whomever I come in contact

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4 thoughts on “Personal Life Goals and Relationship Criteria”

  1. your list for significant way to high expectations..
    and why oh why do you not want to be in control of your own life .. oops sorry I said that I am not in control..

  2. Jason, your post made me tear up.

    I am an atheist so I understand your post a little differently. I hope my understanding doesn’t offend anyone.

    Everything that you have said about your relationship with God and even significant other, translates to mean to me a relationship with my own higher self. Even the significant other as a part of me, like a mirror in some ways and a nurturer that I am not to myself. The realization is strong. Its impact on me is strong. The fact that I can recognize what my higher self is like made me tear up. I am striving to live up to the standards of my higher self.

    P.S. You can use what I said to further reaffirm your belief in God! 🙂

  3. sheez, we have to be in control, or we would be locked up somewhere. even in our own home and others would control us!!

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