Why Me?

There is a deep desire in humans to find a reason for their suffering and to discover some meaning in it. Does God allow these things happen to me? How do these things come about?God couldn’t stop it, God let it happen, God made this bad thing happen to me Am I being rewarded/punished for something? Should/Can I blame God for things happening? How should I respond to bad things that happen? Why me, could be the wrong question. That question only leads to blame and feeling victimized. Maybe there is another question to ask instead.
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Do your morals and actions correlate?

Do your morals and actions correlate?There is a set of moral actions which defines a righteous Christian, if we are in blatant disregard in that we know the goal yet make no attempt to reach the goal and in some cases do the complete opposite of some of standards, does the Christian label apply?
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