Discussion 12/22: Religious Questions & Statements

“If I Were God…” I Choose to Believe in a God of Love. It Doesn’t Matter What You Believe, as Long as You’re Sincere – If you’re not actively seeking to determine whether or not your beliefs are valid, you can’t really claim to be sincere, can you? ~Peanuts. Religious Ideas are Untestable. Things Aren’t That Simple. It’s So Hard Being A —-. I Can’t Buy — Because They’re Such Hypocrites.
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Discussion 12/15: Money, What is it Good For?

How much money would it take for you to say that you have enough and didn’t want anymore? What do you sacrifice to get money? Should I donate money? Does it matter that the only reason I’m giving is to make myself feel better? and not because I want to see other’s better off? Is money (one of) our god(s)?
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Soulmates and Premarital Sex

Is there such a thing as a soulmate? What is a soulmate?How does sex affect dating relationships? When is sex acceptable outside of marriage? Engagement? Feelings of true love? After knowing the name of your partner? Take a few minutes to review the various resources discussion the effects of premarital sex. The thing I found very interesting was after several hours of researching the topic, I found nearly no information arguing the benefits of premarital sex. Seems like the number or warnings against it might be an indicator of something. What are your thoughts?
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