Judge Not? Or the contrary?

Why can’t Christians just exercise their own faith, and leave alone those people who have other beliefs? After all, isn’t it judgmental and unloving to criticize someone else’s religious beliefs? And with regard to Christianity, Matthew 7:1 is often quoted (or should I say “misquoted”) to discourage Christians from putting other religious teachings and practices to the test. We can judge qualifications, however we cannot judge qualities. Qualities are internal motivations known only by God Himself.
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Spiritually, Where are you?

We don’t come together every week to talk about our views and ideas, we want to take this time to think about buy cialis 20mg your current situation in life and to leave affected by the discussion and perspectives expressed. We are here to challenge ourselves.Each of the children in the picture are doing something – they are in some stage of climbing a tree.We are each on our own spiritual journey (or tree), take a few minutes to reflect on the characters depicted below. Then determine which character best depicts where are currently in your spiritual climb. Think through times in your life where you may have transitioned from one character to another. What caused that change?
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Passion & Purpose: Why get up?

What is your passion/purpose? Why live life with a purpose/passion? What’s Next?Determine, Record, and Pursue your Passion/Purpose. It takes action on your part to find your purpose in life and then slot into that purpose. Everyone at some time will question the big picture “Why am I here?”. Find your purpose and your life will take on a whole new dimension. There will be a reason to get up in the morning – despite the circumstances!
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Is Your God Real?

Can you prove God is real? God cannot be contacted by physical means. God cannot be substantiated in the psychological realm. If God cannot be proved in either (and maybe any) way, why does 93% of Americans believe God does exist? Seemingly, we can prove the existence of God to ourselves (but not to others by natural, philosophical or logical means).Why did humans make up god? Why is it that so many humans believe that they created God?
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