Is Your God Real?

Can you prove God is real? God cannot be contacted by physical means. God cannot be substantiated in the psychological realm. If God cannot be proved in either (and maybe any) way, why does 93% of Americans believe God does exist? Seemingly, we can prove the existence of God to ourselves (but not to others by natural, philosophical or logical means).Why did humans make up god? Why is it that so many humans believe that they created God?

Discussion 4/6: Is Your God Real?

Can you prove God is real?

God cannot be contacted by physical means.

God cannot be substantiated in the psychological realm.

If God cannot be proved in either (and maybe any) way, why does 93% of Americans believe God does exist?

Seemingly, we can prove the existence of God to ourselves (but not to others by natural, philosophical or logical means).

How to prove God to yourself

The human spirit is similar in nature to the Spirit of God. Just as a light bulb shines when it is in contact with the generator through the transmission line, even so, when we contact God the Spirit with our human spirit, we get filled with God and God may shine through us. Once we touch God in this way, nobody can convince us that God does not exist. At that moment, we not only know that God exists but we believe and He is real to us. This is not blind faith, but seeing faith. It is no longer a philosophical question but a firsthand experience.

If you want to prove God’s existence for yourself and begin to have a relationship with Him, you can do so right now by telling Him whatever is on your heart, in your own words. If you are sincere and open with Him, He will reveal Himself to you. You will never again say that nobody can prove God’s existence, because God Himself will have proven Himself to you. You will have contacted Him for yourself, just as we have. Nobody can argue with our experience and your experience. If He is non-existent, there will be no answer. If He is real, you will get your answer, because He will reveal Himself to you.


Supernatural Design, Earth Age, Biblical Prophecies

Can you believe that a true life painting could exist without a painter? Or could a watch exist without someone to first design it? Could all the mysteries and intricacies of the biological world really come into being without a super-intelligent and wise Creator?

It is true to you based on your belief. Somebody is your friend because you believe he/she is, and that person is not your friend when you do not believe.

Excerpts – A Choice For:

God. real or not

Yes, there is a lot of dying, pain, injustice, etc in the world but God gave Man free will. Blaming God for all the mistakes people make isn’t going to get anyone anywhere.

look around you, what do you see? i see pain and strife i see people struggling to make it, people killing others and no one helping the victim or their family. if god existed wouldn’t he send something or someone to console us, wouldn’t he do something, make it easier on us just a little bit, give us a break from all the pain and heartache. where is god when you truly need him if he does exist?

Why do you people bicker so inconclusively about this? You’ll never know until you die, so go post “yes” in the suicide and tell us who’s right when you get “there”.

The real question is what is man? Does she have a part in creation or are we simply like a flower, come for a brief time and then gone for an eternity?

Why did humans make up god?Why is it that so many humans believe that they created God?

No one created God. He has always existed. If it does not sound logical then perhaps God did not intend for logic to be the means by which one looks at this issue. Some times faith is all that is needed.

Humans made up god to allay their fear of the unknown. (Coincidentally, God made up humans to allay His fear of the unknown.)

humans need something to believe in, because without belief there is nothing to build on, we all believe in something whether it be god/s or something else and most times its what keeps us going.

This still being the case, one cannot conclusively argue that God exists or doesn’t exist. It is purely a matter of Faith.

Humans have always had the same mentality. To think for one second that logistically speaking the people in biblical times weren’t as clever as today’s modern standard is the root of this problem. Jesus and the whole thing could have been a sham, yes. He could have been some sort of magician or something. But again, wouldn’t people have noticed? And would Christianity have spread so far?


God. real or not

A choice for Why did humans make up god?

Can You Prove God Is Real?

How Do You Know God is real?

Either God is real, or He is not!



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  1. God is real.He is real because everything in the bible is talking about him.If not for him, we would not be living until now.He loves us even forgives our wrong deeds which when looked into the world man can hardly forgive.It`s alsobecause of his teachings that we are been taught to forgive.He gives us the air we breath of which even the highest magician cannot we also ougt to give him the glory for the great things he has done.

  2. is the bible true? because there are a lot of flaws in in,e.g, when cain killed abel, he left the garden and went to reside in the east of the garden with his uncle!! wait a minute right there: where did the uncle came from? because cane was the fourth person on this earth? hmmmmn thats strange…and again it was said that god put a mark on cain’s forehead so that the people who resides where he was going could see and identify him as a person who killed his brother. the questiion is who were those people? the bible is full of lies!!! it’s a man’s creation…

  3. You say, “there are a lot of flaws.” However, I think you only posed questions about things which don’t make sense to you at first glance. You took the fact that the first four people the Bible mentions to mean that there were only four at that time. Gen 4:2 states, “Later she gave birth to Abel” (;&version=31;). That doesn’t necessarily mean that Abel was Cain’s only brother brother at that time. Gen 5:4 states that, “Adam … had other sons and daughters.” Does it make much sense that Adam lived 930 years and only have 3 sons (I believe only three are mentioned)? Not at all?

    I don’t see how you can go from one small misunderstanding in the Bible and then go to say, “The Bible is full of lies; it’s man’s creation.” Generally, most atheists I meet have better reasons for not believing the Bible and God – namely that they are unwilling to submit to any other authority than themselves – their own understanding and lifestyle they have chosen to live (unwilling to give those up). If you honestly don’t believe the Bible because of that, I wonder how you can trust anything anybody says because I doubt that your family and loved ones always tell you every detail to squash any and all skeptical viewpoints. Well, since Christianity is about a relationship just like those, it works much the same. Trust and love are developed and the relationship becomes something real – not just an intellectual ascension or exercise. You don’t learn to trust/love others by skepticism, and the same is true with God/Bible. You try it (love/trust) and see if it is good. Then you take deeper and deeper steps in. Well, those family/romantic/friend relationships aren’t very much different than how it works with knowing God and understanding the Bible. Give it a try, it’s fun.

  4. How can you prove something when you don’t know what it looks like? There was a time when people could “prove” spontaneous generation, then disproved. We have proved many things over time – it does not mean it is there. Before you can prove something, you must first establish the criteria for proof. Because if you ask a religious person, their criteria for proof may be different to your criteria for proof.
    If your criteria means: “you can see it, touch it, feel it” etc – then by your definition ions (and many other things) do not exist.
    And then once you have got past the massive debate about what constitutes proof, then you can get on with proving it.

    Also I think many people misunderstand what they mean when they say “God”. For some it is a concept, for some an expression of something that cannot otherwise be expressed, for some Jesus, for others the Sun. So you need to get that sorted as well.

    For me, God is a word that describes what I cannot describe in any other way. Much in the same way that “ouch” describes my reaction to a pain: “ouch” is the best word for it. I don’t need to see pain to know something hurts. And I don’t need to see GOd to know what I feel.

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