San Francisco

I had a the opportunity to spend Memorial Day weekend in San Francisco thanks to my company sending me to training the three days prior to the extended weekend. I was able to live in SF for the extended weekend for only $10 out-of-pocket. SF was awesome because I was able to meet up with some people who knew the area. Overall, I have concluded that hanging out local people makes the trip exciting rather than just going to touristy places with other tourists.
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Porn and Lust – it’s just a part of life

Fun Fact: Humans are the only species that look each other in the eye during intercourse (intimacy)What is pornography? Is porn a good/effective way to alleviate feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, sexual desires? What are the consequences? How does porn affect relationships (specifically dating/marriage relationships)? Does it just affect you?Repeated exposure to porn results in a decreased satisfaction with one’s sexual partner, with the partner’s sexuality, with the partner’s sexual curiosity, a decrease in the valuation of faithfulness and an increase in the importance of sex without attachment.Pornography leaves the impression with its viewers that sex has no relationship to privacy; that it is unrelated to love, commitment or marriage; that bizarre forms of sex are the most gratifying; and that irresponsible sex has no adverse consequences.
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