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I ask that you read and consider the request I am making. It is unconventional and may be “out of your comfort zone,” but please read, think, and then provide feedback. Thank you for your time.

Iask that you consider what I request. It is unconventional and maybe “out of your comfort zone,” but please read,think,and then provide feedback. Thank you for your time.


Asyou know, I haverecently purchased a home for the sole purpose of housing a group of”God-Chasers.” And that was the reason I purchasedthehome. You may be thinking it was a wise or stupid on my part to dothis, but nevertheless here I am with a house full of great guys. Iam not concerned about my financial standing or ability to financethe house for the sole reason because this is something God led me todo. So, I know He will provide one way or another. But, right now Ipropose something other than the norm. I desire to free myself fromfinancial strain and life restrictions imposed by recently purchasingthis house. The reason for this desire is because I know it limitsmy ability to serve my tenants, experience life, and ability tofollow God’s lead.


So,that being said,request that you consider helping me fulfill a dream of mine. I wantto ensure that I contribute to the building of small Christ-centeredcommunity. This is what I’m doing now by owning the house, but Ifeel I am limited to use money freely.If Godchooses to grant me the financial freedom I desire though you (andpotentially others), then this house will always be dedicated tobuilding Christ-centered community for as long as He allows.


I’d liketo pay off 20% (~$120,000) of the purchase price of the house asquickly as possible. I am requesting an interest-free loan for asmuch as you’d like to contribute which would be completely paid offin at most 6 years. Before you discount the idea or think it’simpossible, remember that ‘nothing is impossible with God’ (Luke1:37) as you may remember from the Christmas story being fresh on ourminds.


CurrentYearly Payment:11,779.68
Immediate Savings to Me:50,125.23
CurrentRate: 9%
MonthlyPaymentsRemaining: 175 (~14.5 yrs)
CurrentMonthlyPayment: 981.64

SuggestedYearlyPayments (Conservative):

Principal Payment/Yr Payment/Mo

Notonly would thissave me $50,000 over the course of the next 15 years (but realized in6), but it would give me flexibility to work with the assetsavailable to me much sooner. Currently, I do not have the option torefinance my main loan for a better rate or product simply because Ido not have enough equity in my house. Currently, my equity iseffectively zero (0) and I do not like the idea of that. I amexcited about the opportunity to build up 20% equity over the next 6years which will give me freedom to live life.

Oncethe 2ndmortgage is paid off, the rental income will cover all other housecosts for the duration of the loan. Additionally, the 2ndloan needs to be paid off completely. Anything less than the fullamount ($120,000) will not work because I will still have paymentsdue to the mortgage company. Those payments along with theaggressive reimbursement schedule is not feasible.

Finally,if you dodecide you’d be interested in supporting me and my dream, pleaseremember that any money you loan me is in fact yours. If at any timeyou need the money for an emergency, please give notice and I willtake out a loan to repay the remaining amount you loaned me. Also,the above suggested re-payment schedule is fairly conservativebecause paying ~$17,000/yr at my current income level will not bedifficult. I do expect a promotion this next year along with asalary increase which should allow me to repay quicker. An increaseof 2,000/yr should be able to be done without difficulty while stillallowing me to continue to save, purchase a new car, invest in my401k, etc. The first year is expected to be the most difficult forme and the burden should lessen as time progresses. Nevertheless,any extra money above my personal financial plan will be repaid toyou as quickly as possible. I willdraw up alegally binding contract with the above guidelines and any otherguidelines that we agree upon.

Thank youfor reading and considering. May God bless you each day with a joythat is so filling you cannot help but to bless others and a peace ofheart that cannot be explained in any language.

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