Resolutions 06

Here are my resolutions for 2006. Please comment and keep me on track. I appreaciate any help you can provide.
Focal Points
Athletic Events with people
Bible reading
Tactfulness / Sensitiveness


Focal Points

  • Logins to computer
    • Consider a reminder startup box/script
  • 10,1,4

Convictions – is it conviction if it’s not evident in all?

  • Fasting – food or other desires
    • People/Society by Sept for a weekend.
  • Lusting – pray for future wife (her character, relationships, experiences, etc.)

Planning athletic events with people for fun (rather than eating)

  • Running; Biking; Tennis; Racquetball


  • Make the house the most hospitable place possible by cleaning/organizing/planning
    • Plan an event once a month. Determine the difficulty then focus on addressing it
    • Come up with a plan for cleaning the house – doing trash, bathrooms, rooms
    • Take turns coming up with an event for the month – the person in charge chooses and others should be willing to do something new…


  • Write monthly letters
    • Take a few hours the last weekend of each month to spend some time writing encouraging notes to others
  • Look for ways to show appreciation to others
    • Thanking/acknowledging people for what they do
    • Words of Affirmation (thank you, I really appreciate … / it made my feel … / it made X impact)
    • Love languages…
      • QT – intentionally setting aside time to spend with others<


  • Look for ways to exalt others (ie. Praise , compliment, support , etc.)
  • Seek to help others struggling/confused/frustrated
  • Service the homeless/downtrodden

Bible reading – read the Bible in a year

  • Go through with Phil


  • Learn from Pete at least once a month
  • Begin discipling somebody

Tactfulness / Sensitiveness

  • Lessons from people
  • Listen with an open ear and heart
  • Avoid belittling others feelings /thoughts/ideas
  • Watch for a condescending attitude when I disagree / don’t understand / huh? – ask with a caring heart and try to understand
  • Keep a running list of lessons

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