Fully Trusting (aka faith)

So how do you fully trust God with your life? How can you truly give up your own hopes, dreams, plans, and fears?

I was asked this question by a friend of mine. I’m not sure how to best address this, but here goes.
So how do you fully trust God with your life? How can you truly give up your own hopes, dreams, plans, and fears?

Your question says “you” – meaning that you are asking me and not asking for the general population or even for you. As such, I can make a best attempt to answer that question. If you are looking for something more broad, then I doubt anything I have to say is useful.

Then I can answer very simply that in fact I cannot fully trust God with my life, that I don’t truly give up on my own hopes, dreams, plans, and fears. Of course, that answer isn’t very interesting. Fully and truly imply perfection which is something that I have not (and don’t think I will) been able to do.

But the question you are asking is how do I choose to relinquish control over my destiny. And well, that’s very easy. I’ve tried very hard to control my destiny and messed everything up. I’m a terrible chooser. And then on top of that, I manipulated many to no avail. So much work, effort, and everything for misery. Matt 6:33 comes in with a promise. Seek God first (his will and perfection) and God will take care of everything else. So what does that mean? It means that I don’t seek my goals, dreams, hopes, etc anymore, but God. And the thing is that my own dreams and plans really aren’t that great. Accomplishing the goals are not fulfilling. God actually has bigger, better, and more fun goals for me. He has a destiny that full of joy and fulfillment. Mine is merely theoretical and filled with expectations that aren’t met. God never does not exceed expectations.

Finally, I am very trusting by nature. I’m not sure why. I am one who generally will look for the good intentions of a decision or situation. I will give people the “benefit of the doubt.” I am nearly always instantly forgiving and with difficulty do I hold grudges. So, I recognize that by nature some things are much easier for me than others and then some things are much harder for me than for others.

Trust is easy. Pride is such a hindrance. Are not goals, dreams, etc only a manifestation of pride. What good are accomplishments expect for my glory? Can I do my own will and then give credit to God? Of course not, he was not in the action.

And, as I have been in God’s will, life has been better than the greatest of my accomplishments. It’s just so much better although difficult to learn humility and self-denial (both characteristics/disciplines we are learning about this week and last). But, what joy awaits.

You may have heard me say this before, but “you never know what is on the other side of obedience.” This is something that I heard from somebody and I love it. Just obey God and let me take care of the rest. You don’t know what that looks like but you can rest in knowing it is what is the best and what will make you the happiest.

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  1. My name is Lila Scott and I just lost my mother the 27th of December. She was a very happy and very healthy 77 year old. In fact the doctor had just told her a couple weeks earlier that for her age she was very healthy. I left that morning and she was busy, came back about an hour later and I found her in the floor, and she had been dead long enough to have started losing her body heat. Well, that did throw me for a loop, but the whole time, I have felt God’s sweet sweet peace within my soul. I’ve wondered what I would do if and when I lost my mom, and I would just go nuts thinking about it. Well, I didn’t have His grace just thinking about it, but when the time came, then I had the grace. Isn’t God wonderful. I loved my mom, but I know she is happy where she is, and I wouldn’t wish her back in this life. Oh, I do miss her, but with the grace of God I will just fine.
    I just ran across your site and felt the need to write you. I really enjoyed what you have written.
    Love In Christ, Lila Scott

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