Love in Action

I had an opportunity to speak at a bible study at Mt. Pisgah United Methedost Church in Richmond, Va today. My friend Phil, his girlfriend, Christine, and I were asked to share stories of how we have been involved in God loving others. I share a couple brief interactions I have had with some people in need. My goal was to call those in attendance to action; it was to encourage tangible results. I left the church frustrated because many people came to me and told me how much they enjoy my story or me sharing. One woman told me about how she could relate to my faith story because she went through the same thing.

Yet, what is the purpose of good stories? What is the purpose of attending a church? What is the purpose of studying the Bible, etc? If this time does not bring about action and change, what good is it? I don’t know.

I haven’t had many interactions with the older generation (60+), but from my little interaction, I have found complacency and a desire to hear good things and blessings. Maybe a mentality sets in that after so many years one has sacrificed and served enough. I hope that mindset never comes into my life. Why live when life is about comfort, ease, blessing, fond memories, etc? How meaningless, meaning (at least thus far for me) comes from giving of myself (out of God’s abundant blessing on me) to/for others. I hope my whole life embodies this if I live so long.

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