Ugandan Endeavor: The Vision

The first and most appropriate question is ‘Why’. Why Africa?
Why not? I am blessed so much with my lifestyle here in the DC area. How can one ignore the cries of those in need? I cannot think of a better way to get to spend my time.

Ethiopian Rescue

I will travel on a team of 16 to spend a week in Ethiopia serving the health needs of the poor. We will setup a small clinic for anybody to come and receive treatment. Our team will only be treating basic health problems that are so well controlled in the US that we don’t even talk about these problems as anything of concern.


Ugandan Endeavor

In particular, I intend to travel to Uganda investigate and help start a business with the sole purpose of providing for a coalition of orphanages. These orphanages take child soldiers (see Invisible Children) from camps and provide meals, education, vocational skills, and a new life perspective.

I am partnering specifically with an organization called Melchizedek’s Treasure, part of the Active Blessing project – a ministry to the abandoned. My participation in the project’s goal is to expand the capabilities of the orphanages by helping build local business that both provide services / resources for the orphans, but also create a revenue stream to pay the teachers working with the kids each day. There are also some drawings and interviews with some rescued orphans available.

I plan to spend two weeks in Mbale, Uganda working to start an internet cafe targeting nearby university students. Some more details about the project can by found on the Active Blessings website. Cost breakdown estimates for the internet cafe are also available.


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