Ugandan Endeavor: Frustrated, but Continuing

Well, I’ve been trying to connect with as many people as possible that may be able to help me understand how to coordinate this internet cafe endeavor. I must admit, I have been very frustrated with it recently. I’ve been realizing more and more that there are simply so many unknowns, especially for me since I’ve never done anything like this before. However, I just received an email from somebody in Uganda that may be able to connect with somebody that has started and is running four internet cafes in Uganda. That’s so exciting. And just when I needed it. God is good.

Even though I still don’t have a lot of definites yet, I’m excited that things are looking up. A friend of mine mentioned to me today that he may be interested in coming and helping. This is awesome because he is also a technology guy. I have been concerned with the fact that I wouldn’t really have anything with a business and technology mindset to help me with this. However, his insight and friendship would be greatly welcomed on this trip.

I must admit, that everybody I have talked to about this has been incredibly supportive and has tried to connect me with somebody with some Ugandan experience. I’m quite surprised how many people know somebody that has been to Uganda or are able to make a connection in some fashion.

Overall, I need to relax and trust that God is going to take care of this. This project’s success is not my own, but God’s. It’s God’s project and he ultimately determines its success. So, if God wants it to succeed it will, and to Him be the glory. It will definitely not be because of my own abilities – because I have none at all to even feign responsibility for success. May I humble myself and remember that throughout this.

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  1. Dear Jason,

    You’ve learned a great lesson, frustrated, but continuing’.

    “To never give up is the first step to success”.


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