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Ugandan Endeavor

Ugandan Children - BoysDid you know that currently, 77% of Uganda’s overall population are youth and of that, 30% are orphans?

On August 3rd I am going to Uganda to start a project that will enrich local communities, rescue child soldiers from bondage, provide orphans with an education and basic healthcare, and give the orphans hope for a future free from poverty.

To achieve these goals, local Ugandans will run an internet cafe to generate a sustainable revenue stream allowing the profits to be used to support the orphanages. My role on the project is to start the internet café, train the employees, and provide business and technical consultation to stabilize the business.

I share this vision with you because I realize that success cannot be achieved without the support from my friends. I would like you to participate in this endeavor through some of the following areas:

  • Prayer: If you have a relationship with Jesus, I’d love to have you pray with me.
  • Advice: If you have insights, wisdom, concerns, or questions, please contact me. If you have ideas for business in developing nations, regional contacts, or economic models for sustaining this type of work, let’s brainstorm.
  • Financial Support: My financial goal is $2,500 for my trip with any additional funds going toward the $13,000 start-up cost of the internet café. If you would like to help fund the trip, business, and orphanage, please send your tax-deductible donations.

I will share my experience at and keep it updated with new insights and issues as I continue on this journey. Thank you for considering to partner with me to change the lives of Ugandan orphans through business development.

Over the past couple of years, I have come to realize a couple things about my life –

  1. First, God has created me with passions and purpose. I see more and more that my purpose is to pursue these passions within me.
  2. Second, I desire to help those in need – those afflicted, those rejected and forgotten, the poor and needy. Why God gave me this passion, I do not know. However, I cannot deny my passions or purpose.
  3. Third, I have become frustrated with the mentality that somehow God cares about religious stuff and not where or how we spend each day. Working in business development/improvement and technology is another aspect of life that excites me every day. I very much enjoy my job. However, I have begun to think that God, business, technology, profit, faith, employment, and innovative ideas should all come together in some beautiful way. I’m not entirely sure how that looks yet, but I know that I will strive to create this sort of environment.

So, when a friend passed on a message to me that a woman wanted to care for the orphans of Uganda through business development, I saw a perfect opportunity to act on my passion and start to fulfill my purpose. Of course, I’ve never done anything like this and I’m naive enough to push forward on developing a business in Uganda. As I see it, a missional business in Uganda can have profound impacts on the local community. A missional business could be defined as a business with the desire to honor God and serve others by giving themselves away.

I’m excited to think about the amazing opportunities this provides for the orphans and local residents:

  • The orphans will have internet access.
  • The profits will support the teachers’ salaries to provide the orphans with an education, hope in the future, and knowledge of God’s greatness.
  • Orphans can learn technical, business, and ethical skills by working in the internet café.
  • The orphans will have work producing goods for the coffee shop integrated in the internet café and running that aspect of the business.
  • The internet café can be used for community training.
  • Starting an internet café (a business) and stimulating the economy is what Africans both want and need right now.

This step of faith through my Ugandan venture is showing me some major issues in my life. One of which is the fact that I began to think that I could somehow succeed on my own abilities. For a while, I believed that I was smart enough entrepreneurially and technically to be able to do this on my own. However, because God is good, he let me know that this endeavor would go nowhere as long as I thought that this was my project, my goal, and my success. I am realizing that my self-centeredness continues to get in the way of pursuing my passions and purpose. I’m learning that my purpose is to not only pursue my passions, but to pursue them knowing that it’s because of God’s sovereignty that anything at all can be accomplished.

Ultimately, I hope to grow and be able to see myself as a man who serves his God and those people that I am burdened for, a man who pursues passions to live out his purpose, a man who realizes that God wants to be a part of every part of my life, a man who abhors selfishness and pride in my own life, and a man who cares for the people of the world.

I hope that you have been able to take a look into my life and my heart. If any of this excites, frustrates, or confuses you, then let’s take some time to talk about it. I’m always looking to hear input because I know that I miss things and mess up frequently. Please consider partnering with me on this and future endeavors to enrich our world. God is good to bless those who bless others in profound ways – ways in which words cannot describe.

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  1. Lund! It´s great to see what you did on this trip. Just wanted to let you know that I talked with a friend (he´s got a weird Master degree) but he´s been seriously thinking about the way communities in third-world countries behave and interact… all this to only come up with innovative ideas on how to use a caffee-Internet concept. He will be very glad to share ideas and theory with you. He is also very involved with church and very mission driven.


  2. It is great that you have shown a way to many financially able people in developed World that they have an obligation to the fellow men in poor countries like here in Uganda. Just let me know how far you have gone with the project.

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