Ugandan Endeavor: Day 1 – Arrival and Business Education

After around 24 hours of travel, I arrived in the Enteebe airport in Kampala, Uganda. My first taste of Africa was in Ethiopia where I had a layover to catch a flight to Uganda. The flight was scheduled to leave at 10:45 am, however we did not take off until 12 noon. When I arrived in Uganda, and found my contact, Paul M, he said he was very pleased that I made it out of the airport by 2pm (even though I was scheduled to arrive at 12 noon). He immediately informed me that the African culture does not run on schedules very well.

I went around with Paul M to take care of a few things and get checked into my hotel. After this, he and I took a taxi (not like in America) back to the city for dinner. What an ordeal; however ,this is completely normal for Uganda – you get there when you get there. I made contact with Allison and then Patrick as well. After arriving back at my hotel, Patrick came and picked me up to show me his internet café operation. He has been in the business for 6 years now and his experience shows well. He had means to address many of the issues one has to deal with when running a business in Uganda. Many more obstacles than in the US – mostly people management though – a whole new area for me.

God has been very good to connect me with such a well-established businessman. He even gave me a cell phone to use while here and has agreed to give me all of the documents surrounding his business plan so that I can incorporate them into this one.

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