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Thank you for your support in my Ugandan Endeavor. I wanted to share with you my story – the overall mission, my experience in Uganda, the current status of the project, and where the project is going.

Uganda is home to 2.3 million orphans (nearly 8% of the country’s population). The country is unable to provide for these children – leaving them with a bleak future. I went to Uganda to start a project that strives to enrich local communities, rescue child soldiers from bondage, provide orphans with an education and basic healthcare, and give the orphans hope for a future free from poverty.

Aid to Africa has a history of only serving as short-term bandaids and has not brought about the sustainable development vital to truly move most of Africa from the third-world. Because of the failure of aid to be effectively used in Africa, my mission was to go educate and motivate local Ugandans to run an internet cafe to generate a sustainable revenue stream, allowing the profits to be used to support the orphanages. My role on the project was to establish an internet café, train the employees, and provide business and technical consultation to stabilize the business.

While in Uganda, I spent much time at an orphanage near Mbale. I was totally floored to hear the many kids singing and praising God each day. The kids have nothing other than the clothes they are wearing, most without shoes. They do not know if they will have food or a place to stay the next day. The kids live in hopelessness, but smiles and joy still pours from them.

I was incredibly blessed to connect with a successful Ugandan entrepreneur, Patrick Kaija, who currently owns and operates four internet cafés around the capital, Kampala. With Patrick’s help, I was able to develop a plan for the new internet café while he trained the future employees in his own cafés.

Many obstacles still are in the path to the success of the café – securing a location at a reasonable price and finding and developing employees and leaders with integrity while avoiding the many obstacles of a corrupt government. Additionally, focus from the café was recently diverted to the troubled orphans when many were cast out of the orphanage due to tribal animosity. These hurdles can be overcome with time and God’s provision; we will faithfully pursue God’s plan in bringing hope to these orphans.

Your support through this process has been humbling; your gifts exactly covered my expenses. Thank you for taking a part in a first step to change our world by rescuing children from abandonment. Pictures are available at:

With heartfelt gratitude,
Jason Lund
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