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So, I came home yesterday (Sunday) after spending much of the day with a good friend, jsyn, to find something put together by a fantastic friend, Phil (even though there was no mention of his name on it). Basically, he had a concept from a project that I worked on at Deloitte (Enterprise Lean Six Sigma [ELSS] case competition) and had turned it into some more than a root-cause analysis tool. He took the 5-whys example I showed him and asked some friends, “Why do you like Jason Lund?” Here’s the outcome. Totally awesome and creative as I see it.

I think of The Rescue by Cross Movement that goes like:

I’m glad I’m dead / nobody loved me but my mother / Look again my brother / the waiting room’s full of brothers and sisters you’ve touched / they may not show it all the time / but they love you very much

I realize that at times of uncertainty and doubt, I sometimes doubt whether anybody really likes, loves, or cares about me at all. But, I realize that this is merely a false attack by the Evil One. I know that I need to ignore these lies, but also that I need to remember that, even so, my identity is rooted in Christ and not in the affection of others.

Go ahead and take a look at the result. It’s even in the standard Deloitte format, the deck (aka presentation).

Five Whys #1Five Whys #3Five Whys #4Five Whys #5Five Whys #6Five Whys #7Five Whys #8Five Whys #9Five Whys #10Five Whys #11Five Whys #12Five Whys #13Five Whys #14Five Whys #15

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