Happy Parents (Mother’s) Day

Not too long ago, I was sitting with some friends asking, “How did we get here?” I was wondering why one of the guys had a ‘chip on his shoulder’ and I have a completely different viewpoint. So, we were talking about our parents, upbringing, and other experiences that have defined our perspective. During this, my friend said, “It’s a real blessing to have ‘Christian’ parents.” At which point I launched into my rebuttal because I’m not a fan of these sort of blanket statements. So, much of the rebuttal was simply describing my parents…

Throughout my childhood, my parents were not professed Christians. However, my parents embodied noble and “Christian” traits much more so than I saw in my friends’ “Christian” parents. Below are some of the reasons my parents are amazing:

  1. I cannot remember my parents ever saying anything negative to me. I’ve heard stories where some parents tell their kids that they are worthless or said something that was belittling.
  2. My parents continuously reassured me they were proud of me. I didn’t wonder if I was meeting their expectations. I didn’t feel like I “wasn’t good enough.” As I’ve heard stories of friends, I’m extremely grateful.
  3. My parents love each other. I’ve seen some of my friends’ parents that simply live together. That just doesn’t look like something to look forward to. So, I’m totally excited about the idea of marriage and a relationship that is continuously loving like the example I have in my parents.
  4. My parents have always encouraged me to excel and did not pressure me into some ideal life they dreamed for me. They let me be me and were content and proud of that. I didn’t feel like I had to fulfill some expectations for their approval.
  5. My parents demonstrated a life of character. I wasn’t left confused between what my parents said and what they did (except for speeding). I don’t remember hearing my parents gossip or say anything negative about others. I didn’t see them comprise doing what is right for the sake of money.
  6. My parents live out a balanced lifestyle. Living in DC, I see so much busyness and wonder how the family survives. My parents did work hard in their professions; however, we always had family dinners (mostly at home).
  7. My parents do not live in debt. Strange, but I value this greatly. They do not need money to enjoy life. There wasn’t stress/worry about not having enough money.
  8. My parents did a phenomenal job of letting me learn on my own. I never felt controlled or that my life wasn’t my own. They instilled responsibility for my own actions and allowed me to experience life in a balanced and safe environment and did not stifle my experiences.

These are fairly general and sweeping statements, but they are true. I’m so blessed that I do not have any memories of/with my parents that I wish didn’t happen or couldn’t remember. My parents live lives of humility and are an amazing model that I strive to embody each day.

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